TIL that scientists have managed to use magnetic fields as remote control for the brain and control the movement of the body.

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This that TIL amazes me a lot and at the same time worries me too.

Scientists have been able to activate certain groups of cells in the brain with the use of magnetic fields to induce and control certain body movements.


Walking, running, rotating or losing complete control of your limbs are all things that have been achieved with this technique.

The technique researchers developed is called magneto-thermal stimulation. It gives neuroscientists a powerful new tool: a remote, minimally invasive way to trigger activity deep inside the brain, turning specific cells on and off to study how these changes affect physiology. - ScienceDaily

According to the article this is a huge advance in the treatment of diseases and neuro-motor problems and of course in the study of the human brain. These are things that I do not doubt, but there is always a but in this type of scientific advances especially in something as delicate as taking control of the human mind and body. The use that can be given to this technique of manipulation is quite questionable from an ethical and moral point of view.

Here I leave you the link to where TIL that scientists have managed to use magnetic fields as remote control for the brain and control the movement of the body. I really would like to hear your comments and opinions on the subject.


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Life of a lot of individuals all over the world will change thanks to this. Glad science is helping others in every possible way :)

This is why consciousness needs to rise in proportion to advancing technologies. Consciousness is still lagging behind at the moment, but we're in a paradigm shift, so I have big hopes :)

Once this (or any) technology is only in the hands of highly conscious people (because there are no others left), we don't have to worry about it getting in the wrong hands anymore.

Consciousness!!! We need so much of that....

Have read the article as well. Quite impressive I think. The lifes of people with traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson's disease, dystonia and peripheral paralysis, just to mention a few, could improve a lot if they manage to develop this further.

Yes, looks pretty good but... A development like this will be controlled in the hand of few people. It is too powerful from my point of view. Call me pessimist but I just see it as the perfect tool for controlling people... maybe I should stop looking Youtube videos for a while ^^

hahaha. Still you got a point there, haven't thought that far; controlling people. Anyway, let's wait how the development goes and what possible side-effects (for example) the treatments have.

As always before each great scientific advance we have several disjunctives on the one hand the advances to improve or even cure cerebral diseases but also a powerful tool for the mental control.

History have prove sadly that before any good use, almost all the developments in science where use first in the militar industry...

If this is normally the case. In addition with the immense economic endowment that the military projects possess have much more capacity than the scientists for once made the discovery to improve it and to use it in very different purposes for which it was created. We would have to be able to legislate this type of progress that every day occur more frequently ....

More reasons supporting the fact that there is no life after death.

Thanks for informing us :)

You are welcome! :)

Well, this is scary. It was only a matter of time, but as if propaganda and societal conventions weren't enough to force someone's will to conform to yours, imagine once they fine tune this technology to be able to work remotely with some sort of focused laser...

Someone at the top is really freaking out right now. Interesting times ahead for sure. Be ready.

Lets see what happen! I hope they can not use finally in the way you say... will be a real problem if they can :(

It would still be a good number of years probably, but I generally assume the technology allowed to be made public is at least ten years behind what is really currently available (in some capacity, with the right resources)

... is at least ten years behind what is really currently available...

... in the army for example. I know :(