Wonders of nature - the Tree of Tejo

in science •  2 months ago

Maybe this is the first time you hear this type of tree, the tree of yew, is a tree that has anti-cancer properties, this tree was discovered in the 50s thanks to a study developed by the United States, after a while the investigation was extended and by the 70s approximately the essence of this tree was used for the first time to try to cure ovarian cancer

the most important substance of this tree is taxol, a chemical synthesis between the three paxanos paclitaxel "," docetaxel "and" cabazitaxel

The yew tree in danger of extinction

The felling of trees to finish with some with several trees of yew, countries like chimna and india, are dedicated to make ecological movements to end with the felling of trees

It should be noted that this is a toxic tree and has been repudiated by its dose of toxicity, however this tree has the ability to fight up to 14 different types of cancer. A whole dichotomy that surprised the scholars of the time and that continues to amaze the current scientific community

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