"Whites" in Iran, Pakistan and Central Asia

in science •  2 years ago

Some of the ethnic groups living in these regions today, are indistinguishable from Europeans.

The Tajik people have many members who are blonde and fair skinned.

The Khalash people are another group

The Nuristani, who live in eastern Afghanistan..

Some of them have a more mixed-ethnicity, like the Qashqai nomads who speak a Turkic language.

If you go through the Khuzistan province, you'll likely spot blonde kids.

These are just a few of the white ethnicities in these lands. Some say they are the descendants of Alexander the Great and his men, while others say they are the last remnants of the original Aryan-European peoples, of whom their descendants later inhabited the European continent. What is known, however, is that they are vastly outnumbered and scattered by other ethnic groups today, and mixing has affected most of them.

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