The reasons behind me knowing that there is no evidence for the existence of "viruses"

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  1. There is not a single scientific study published anywhere that shows an isolated(separated from everything else) "virus" from a sample taken directly from a human, animal or plant without the sample first being combined with other genetic material ie a cell culture.

  2. All "virologists" in the world agree with the previous point when asked. In fact they all argue that according to the book of microbiology, their definition of isolation is the use of a cell culture which is NOT the isolation of anything where they work under the unproven assumption that the samples they use in their experiments contain a "virus".

  3. When health institutions and offices around the world have been challenged through Freedom of Information Act requests for all alleged "viruses" then they confirm point 1 with stating that they have no documentation of an isolated "virus" from a sample taken directly from a human without the sample first being combined with other genetic material ie a cell culture.

  4. The paper from 1954 by John Franklin Enders that laid the foundation of modern "virology" also contained a limited negative control experiment that showed that the same effect ie where the cells start dying could be seen without any alleged "infected" material.

  5. Multiple negative control experiments in more recent times have been done that shows that when cells start dying in cell culture experiments that it is also caused without any alleged "infected" material. The real reason behind the death of cells has been determined to be the combination of starvation and poisoning of cells during the cell culture experiment.

  6. In 2016 Dr Stefan Lanka, a German marine and microbiologist won in the supreme court in Germany regarding the lack of scientific evidence for the existence of the measles "virus". The paper from 1954 with John Franklin Enders that laid the foundation of modern "virology" was one of 6 papers that were used against Dr Lanka that was deemed unscientific by the expert witness due to a lack of correctly performed control experiments. This decision by the court indirectly removed the whole foundation of modern "virology".

If you are interested in research material when it comes to the topic of "virology" then please go here.

Here is an education package that I've created to help people get up to speed in regards to the topic of "virology".


By now it's not important if there's proof or not. The mass fell for the fear spread. Many will die or continue hiding living in fear. The fear for what they never feared before.

I strongly disagree, if we do not deal with this issue once and for all then people will be fooled over and over again in the future where they will continue to be misdiagnosed and mistreated that lead to unnecessary harm and even death.

If people were open minded, did learn from history, would question and search for answer it would help. The fact is most do not care. Another fact is people are easily fooled and not flexible. Their emotions take over and emotions are the worst guide one can have. The fear for what might happen. That's what emotions are about.
Every psychologist can explain how fear affects the brain. It's like talking to a deafman's ears which is exactly the reason why so many fall for it, the cattle follows the leader and they shout, get hostile aggressive if you show proof. Atupid people are a threat to each community. They make polarisationand genocide possible.

If there's a vaccine for a killer virus and if I take it why should I fear to drop dead? That javb saves me or? Apparantly, people don't think this way. They stick in their world filled with fear, common sense left them long ago.

We had all kind of plagues and witch hunts, genocide world wide but if it doesn't affect you it's not interesting.
Today nearly everyone has internet. It's possible to search worldwide. Each language can be translated but hardly anyone does. Too much trouble. It's easier to believe what they say. Whoever 'they' may be. 🍀💖

It is very important the virus myth is totally destroyed forever. This war crime has been going on for a very long time and needs to end.

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