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Liquid smoke is a condensation of steam from combustion directly or indirectly from materials containing source of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose and other carbon compounds. The general notion of liquid smoke is a distillation or condensation of vapors from indirect or direct combustion of materials containing carbon and other compounds. Raw materials that are widely used to make liquid smoke are wood, oil palm kernel, sawmill, and others. Liquid smoke can also mean the result of cooling and liquefying of smoke from coconut shells burned in closed tubes. The solid smoke of the solid particles cooled and then becomes liquid is called by the name of liquid smoke.

The manufacture of liquid smoke using pyrolysis method is the decomposition with the aid of heat in the absence of oxygen or with a limited amount of oxygen. There are usually three products in the pyrolysis process: gas, pyrolysis oil, and charcoal, which the proportion depends on the pyrolysis method, the biomass characteristics and parameter reaction. Several ways to harness the energy stored in biomass through pyrolysis. Direct combustion is the oldest way to use. Burned biomass can produce heat instantly but this method has only about 10% efficiency.
Another way is to turn biomass to a liquid. This method is used because of advantages of ease of storage, transportation, and combustion. The liquid produced from biomass processing can be a crude bio-oil.

Liquid Smoke Process

The raw material for the manufacture of liquid smoke can be anything that includes organic materials that have cellulose, still today commonly used as raw material for liquid smoke is coconut shell because coconut trees are found everywhere and the use of coconut shell is very wide in society such as copra , Charcoal, and other processed coconut. Therefore for the liquid smoke process using coconut shell examples which can be described as follows:

  1. Before it put in pyrolysis reactor, the coconut shell is removed from the dirt and the fibers left behind. Then the coconut shell is split into several parts so that the surface of the burning becomes wider so that the process can run faster.
  2. Further drying by drying, to reduce the water content in coconut shell.
  3. Then proceed with the Pyrolysis method which is the process of decomposition reaction of hardwood compound compounds into several organic compounds through the combustion combustion combustion without oxygen combustion. This reaction takes place at a pyrolysator reactor operating at a temperature of 300-650°C for 8 hours of combustion.
  4. The smoke of the combustion product is condensed with a circular coil condenser. The results of the pyrolysis process obtained three products of liquid smoke, tar, and charcoal. Condensation is done with a circular coil mounted in a cooling basin. Cooling water can originate from rainwater that is stored in a reservoir, well water, river water and PDAM.
  5. Liquid Smoke Purification Process to obtain liquid smoke that does not contain harmful substances so safe for food preservatives. Liquid smoke obtained from smoke condensation in the pyrolysis process is precipitated for a week.
  6. Then the liquid is extracted and inserted into the distillation apparatus. The distillation temperature is about 150oC, the distillate is accommodated. This distillate still can not be used as a food preservative because there is another process that must be passed.
  7. Filtration Process Distillate with Active Zeolite is intended to get the active substance that is completely safe from harmful substances. The trick, the liquid liquid distillate is passed into the active zeolite column and obtained safe liquid smoke filtrate from hazardous material and can be used for non carcinogenic food preservative.
  8. Filtration Process of Active Zeolite Filtrate with Activated Carbon The filtration process of active zeolite filtrate with activated carbon is intended to obtain a liquid smoke filtrate with a mild and non-stinging smoke smell. The trick, the filtrate of the active zeolite filtration is flowed into the column containing the activated carbon so that the obtained filtrate is a liquid smoke with a mild and non-stinging smoke smell. So perfect liquid smoke as a food preservative that is safe, effective and natural.


Food preservatives included in pharmacologically inert group of pharmaceutically inert additives (effective in small amounts and not toxic). The use of preservatives is very broad. Almost all industries use it, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. In health filed and pharmaceuticals, liquid smoke use for preservatives is limited of types and amounts. Especially for food preservatives, The use of formalin can be replaced with liquid smoke, because the price is quite cheap and natural. Here the process of preservation using liquid smoke.

1. Liquid smoke contains phenol compounds that are as antioxidants, thus inhibiting food damage by donating hydrogen.

2. Liquid smoke is effective to inhibit the autoxidation of fats, thereby reducing food damage due to oxidation of fats by oxygen.

3. The acid content in liquid smoke is effective for killing and inhibiting growth of microbes in food products by way of acid compounds that can penetrate cell walls of microorganisms that can cause the cells of microorganisms to lysis and then die. With decrease of bacteria in the food products, food damage by microorganisms can be inhibited, increasing the shelf life of food products.

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