NASA SUCCESS: The Voyager 1 engines started after 37 years at an incredible 20.8 billion kilometers!

in science •  2 years ago 

The team of engineers managed to launch decades of inactive thrusters on the first probe that reached the interstellar space.
NASA engineers have been able to incorporate the Voyager 1 spacecraft engines, 37 years after being shut off, which is an unimaginable 20.8 billion kilometers.

This probe, the first human product that left the Solar System and went into the interstellar space, showed that even more than 40 years after the takeoff, it could burn record.

This is a spacecraft that has long since escaped from the solar system and which interstellar space, as the fastest and furthest object that a man has done so far, runs at a speed of 17 kilometers per second.

"By including these probe probe units that have not been active since November 1980, we have been able to extend the lifespan of Voyager 1 for at least two or three years," said Suzan Dod, project manager for Voyager at NASA.

Scientists noticed in 2014 that other parts of the probe began to lose power, but since the aircraft is in an interstellar space, there is no data other than those that Voyager sends out, they had to think of a way to help her.

"We dug out the flight data of the past few decades, examined that old software and found a way to safely turn on the thrusters," says Chris Jones, NASA engineer, adding that after the launch, "the engines worked perfectly".

In addition to all the forces for that time of amazing instruments, and even today usable, Voyager 1 also carries a golden gramophone plate in which it has engraved sounds from the Earth (wind, thunder, sounds of animals like birds and whales).

It also has 115 images, so that one day, if ever it comes to extraterrestrial civilization, aliens get a glimpse of where the Earths are, whose hands are the work, and to get an idea of the nature and civilization of our planet.

"Voyager 1" is the second probe launched into space within the NASA program of the same name, the first probe - "Voyager 2" flew 16 days earlier. Both planes brought a gold plate with alien messages if they encountered them.

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