A Secret That Is 66 Million Years Old: Remains of Dinosaurs Found in Egypt Reveal an Ancient Mystery!

in science •  2 years ago 

Remains of long-lived dinosaurs discovered in Egypt brought the first proof of contact between African and European dinosaurs just before their disappearance about 66 million years ago, scientists said.

The work of a paleontologists on a map that would present the path of spreading dinosaurs to the world after the separation of Pangea's "supercontinent" into several parts about 200 million years ago was difficult, according to Frans pres.

Many thought that African dinosaurs were completely isolated from the dinosaurs on other continents.

The newly discovered mansourasaurus was the herbivorous elephant's size and points to the links of African and European dinosaurs, researchers said.

Analyzing his physiology, a team of scientists concluded that the mansourasaurus was "closer to dinosaurs from Europe and Asia than to dinosaurs whose remains were found south of Africa or South America" ,according to a statement released by the University of Ohio.

As noted, this further shows that "at least some dinosaurs" could travel between Africa and Europe before their disappearance when a huge asteroid hit the Earth some 66 million years ago.

"The latest dinosaurs in Africa have not been completely isolated," the AFP reports.

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