"There is a difference between knowing the way and following it" - Morpheus, the hero of the Matrix movie

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The dissonance between public education and market articles is still huge. He is able to construct individuals who know all the times that they can do anything to a foreigner; psychologists who know different practices; economists at the level of knowledge and rules of the economy that earn money; priests who know the secrecy of the catechism, If you know something, you will have results, because efficiency is their measure. If you know the theory, then you are at the beginning of the road. Keywords for foster children, often leaving the market. Because the last market is up or we are on the road.

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https://mateusz-grzesiak.pl/10-inspirujacych-cytatow-ktore-skrywaja-dojrzale-podejscie-do-zycia/ p. 2 + google translate (Polish into English)= this post. PLAGIARISM