Outstanding minds are always violently attacked by mediocrities who find it difficult to understand that one can refuse to blindly adhere to prevailing superstitions, deciding instead to boldly and honestly proclaim their own views. "- Albert Einstein

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Each system has the status of status quo (existing), layout layout layout layout layout layout layout layout that's it then do it then do it then do it then follow it to it to it , the system defends itself by combating ten geniuses

There are many examples: the theory of Nicolaus Copernicus, described in the work On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, was initially regarded as absurd. Luther called her the creator of a madman who betrayed the Holy Bible. Montaigne and Bacon rejected her without hesitation. The church recognized that it was contrary to his teaching, and the work of Copernicus was placed in 1616 in the index of forbidden books. Giordano Bruno, who made her the foundation of her Gnostic philosophy, was burnt at the stake for it. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the alternating current that invented the electric motor, solar battery and hydroelectric power plant, was unfairly opposed by competitors (eg Edison), cheated by his sponsors and died alone in a modest hotel in New York. Ignacy Filip Semmelweis, who laid the foundations for antisepsis, because of attacks by doctors who did not want to accept his theory, he experienced a nervous breakdown and went to a psychiatric hospital where he committed suicide.

All these people connect two things. First of all, they overtook the intellectual level of the era in which they lived and were smarter than most people among whom they lived. Secondly, they were fought in life. Perhaps you, the reader, are also someone who will become outstanding. And if so, you certainly have ideas that oppose the orderliness of things. Einstein's statement will explain why and by whom you are attacked, and allow difficult moments to continue to change the world with courage.

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good work on this article, I would definitely like to see you expand on this further, each of the people you have mentioned have some considerable details which would fortify the statement you are making here. I too have made the same observations in various fields and believe it has more to do with the human condition than anything else.

Humans dont like to think themselves as being "wrong" and most certainly dont seem to like change that much either. these factors play a huge part when taking on new information which contradicts their current belief systems or data.

This conflict in belief and understanding of new data can lead to cognitive dissonance, the easiest way to deal with cognitive dissonance is to reject the new information and fortify current beliefs.... and this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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He will not. It is a copy/paste from here:
https://mateusz-grzesiak.pl/10-inspirujacych-cytatow-ktore-skrywaja-dojrzale-podejscie-do-zycia/ p. 1 + google translater (Polish into English)