What might be the 'secret additional element' in Rossi's latest reactor

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In reference to discussion here
As I said in my first trip to India in 2017, desirable element choices for effective LENR reactors IMPO would be either any element that has the lowest ionisation energy or Carbon - this is because all of the primary effects are due electrons and their analogues and secondary effects need to withstand high temperatures and possibly yield more energy from proton (or possibly other positive ions) interactions that are safe in their yield products.

  1. An element with the lowest ionisation energy in order to easily release free electrons, for solids/liquids, this would be practically potassium, as the marginally lower Rb & Cs etc are difficult to handle and expensive. For gasses, you would choose Xenon as Radium is radioactive. For transition metals, you would choose Sc, Ti, V in that order. Ti is a good compromise as it is a great store of H2 and so can perform multiple roles. It, and some other choices have however, their own challenges that I will expand on later.

  2. Carbon, since it has many forms and has the highest melting point (3500ºC). Where there are protons of sufficient velocity or with sufficient charge screening / negation, it can act as a catalyst taking part in the CNO cycle as I said many years ago when I suggested that the 'C' in NiCHEnergy might refer to the addition of Carbon to a Ni and Hydrogen system. I repeated my hypothesis for C+4H CNO cycles importance last week with further context.

These are raw elements and so cannot be patented.

They are not needed in order to gain excess from a Shoulders type, quadrupole contained plasma focus type device. They may also not be needed in other LENR reactors to see excess - they are promoters of a key driver (production of free electrons) and safe yield enhancement ( safe use of protons / other positive ions ).


I remember a comment from years back - I think it was on JONP, but it could have been ecatworld. As I remember it the comment was from someone Rossi-close-guy - I later tried to find that comment again but could not. Anyway the comment plainly said: the secret catalyst is Acetone.
At the time I thought it was to simple - but at the same time it made sense that acetone would be used in the process to clean nickel powder from contaminants - and if so - residues of this would have been in some of Rossis experiments...

Acetone was added to Celani cells and it apparently increased the excess - it also grew dendritic carbon structures - and there is the key - Carbon. Suhas Ralkar uses Acetone when processing his fuel. Moreover, when Suhas added 5um Carbon to his fuel the excess went up.

Of course, the NOVA 'basic' reactor is just fine Carbon in Air

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