My current status on the reality of new (eternal) technologies.

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IMPO there is irrefutable evidence that, at the practical level, this 'Electrogravitics'/'Charge Cluster'/'Scalar' technology family, which is all related, has been used again in the modern era, for at least remote spying and for weapons, encompassing many events that included mass destruction that have been successfully screened by more mundane narratives.

It is my current understanding that, at the science level, it has been long solved for energy and transmutation, but there are complications that may not have been overcome. More specifically, that it is not potentially self-quenching and may even 'propagate' in the way a pathogen does, or at the very least, the decay time is long, and that because it disrupts matter, in ways I have personally observed this year, it makes it VERY difficult to contain/control. That is to say you can't easily prevent unwanted weird stuff and material degradation/transmutation happening at a distance or through any normally used industrial material - since this technology acts on and through the fabric on which all 'physical' matter sits.

Actually, IMPO, dynamic living material is probably most resilient (due to its ability to compensate) with 'dead' organic material less so.

Given this understanding I now have, I am not surprised with the approach that has been taken by those that have some understanding of what it can do. Further, those scientists that think they can control this are fooling themselves, because the 'better' they make this, the more likely they are to reach the weird threshold - and there will be those that already know this reality and its seeming intractable challenges.

One potential safe approach is to be conservative, to Push/Pull the system, work on the edge and not step over, this is the easiest approach. However, I think there are partial solutions to the 'containment' and my studies this year seem to point to superconducting-like materials as being the necessary moderator-bridge. My intuition tells me that there are solutions that would incorporate these aspects in specially constructed materials.

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