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Key comments from the interview show that Tom DeLonge does seem to know or at least is aware of some aspect of the coming revelations.

On Anti-Gravity

The problem is these are extraordinarily advanced civilisations that have been coming here like, forever. That’s why it’s in all the ancient fucking scripts and texts and carved into rocks and all that shit. Errm, but trying to figure it out, trying to connect the dots, and looking at debris that they probably still have, we have no fuckin’ clue how to make this or back engineer this stuff.

There is a piece of metal, er from a crash that I have seen that, erm, I’ve seen the science on it, and it’s it’s so, it’s atomically aligned, its layered in like 80 layers within a few microns of purities of metal that aren’t even in our solar system - and they think it needs to be made in an area where there is no gravity. So, number one, it has to be made in space. Number two, even if we were able to make a machine to potentially do some of this stuff… 3D printing layers of different metals of obscene purities - It would cost 100s of 100s of millions of dollars. We don’t even have that!

What did they think that it was made without gravity.

Because I think it’s the atomic structure. So what happens is that when you radiate it with THz [infra-red light] it looses mass. it resonates some kind of harmonic, and then it gets lighter - and if you hit it with enough THz it’ll float. So we’re gonna be showing people this stuff - we’re gonna be bringing out the hardware, we’re gonna be bringing out implants, we’re gonna be videos.

So you are going to be showing people this material that was constructed in a zero gravity environment in space [assumption] and if you hit it with enough energy, it becomes weightless.

I don’t know if I would say weightless, I don’t know if we can make enough energy to do that, but yes - that is our plan, to show the experiment.

OK, if you can’t give enough energy to make it weightless, can you give it enough energy to reduce the mass?


So that it weighs less.


And you can prove this?

Yes… and that’s why

So you can have a scale, and you put this piece on a scale and …

I’ll do you better, it’s not even that, it’s warping the space time continuum around it. You can shoot and electron…

Single electron

uh huh, and you collect that and time that ….
… I talked today about it on a phone call…

On conscience control of matter

…. I read a really cool study about single photons, and consciousness was interacting with it, just by thinking it was changing the way it was behaving it’s crazy. So what what you do is, you shoot this electron, and you know how fast it travels over this peace of metal, then you radiate it with THz… …you’re electrifying and charging the peace of material

Do you know what a THz is

It’s a high frequency wave, I don’t want to pretend I know that much about it, I just know that the earlier tests were with radio waves - like RF - and they needed to do THz, so, I don’t know much more than that. And so by shooting THz at it, the peace of metal can loose mass [weight] and then when you shoot an electron over it, it’ll be a different time - than the other one, when it is not turned on, does that make sense?

W’ere going to bring forth videos …. that have been de-classified … of UFOs

On “Electrogravitic Propulsion”

So what that does, what the machine does, that we’re building is, there’s an electromagnetic wave that’s the foundation of all mass, of everything some people call it zero point energy, some people call it the vacuum energy but like one inch of air could power the US for like 100s of years, kinda thing, or maybe more.

So what they gotta do is isolate very specific atoms, to where all the noise of all matter and cell phones and everything that’s going on on Earth can be separated from this one atom - and if you can do that, with the right material, you can get access to that electromagnetic wave that’s powering the atom. The invisible wave pattern that’s under everything - of all existence and once you do that, it’s not like splitting an atom, this is the power behind the atom - it’s extraordinarily dangerous, but it’s also what will turn that thing on and it’ll turn into a ball of light and disappear. I can actually show you a video of something doing that, that’s actually on YouTube.

Again on consciousness control of matter

… Atomically aligning the elements so consciousness and other types of things can move through those materials to operate the craft, it’s really tricky…

…powered through intention, that it would go through like touch or feel, or their hands would be on this thing and that consciously you would some how or another would control all the various aspects of this machine.

On status of his business partners

… they are quasi-retired … they are current consultants to the intelligence community


For example, the sixth biggest defence contractor, at least they used to be sixth, is a company called Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Their headquarters are actually in San Diego and in the front of the building you have an Obelisk coming out of a fake lake and two Atlantian on thrones and they’re holding pyramids, one says the past, one says the future - and they’re 8 foot tall statues, it’s fuckin’ nuts by the way.

On evidence for past nuclear detonations on Mars

A bunch of scientist at JPL found that there was atomic weapons that went off on mars, because the radioactive signature, can only happen if you explode a nuclear weapon that’s artificially made.

On the origins of man

Why the technology has not seen the light of day

The technology will never see the light of day because it’s been modified as weaponry or whatever it is… the only way to get people to understand what the fuck is going on is by first present them the story so they have the understanding that it is real and it is happening and lay it in a way that is grounded and practical but still moves ya, and then follow up with the science and then show them that that thing in the movie can be engineered and created and putting it all together. The the idea is to work with the department of defence, to create a portal…

On over unity

The end game is to, the technology itself is like, so, when you make, when you create this energy source that powers the space craft, it’s called an over unity machine, so you get out more power than what you put into it - you can desalinate ocean water with it, you can get rid of atomic power, so there is no more Fukashimas you know, you can do a lot of different things, but it will rapidly transform our transportation and communication network.


I just watched the episode. It's definitely interesting!

Not a single citation in this, though- de Longe talks a lot about "the science" without correctly attributing or using ANY of it, and even a lay audience isn't completely idiotic.
The ENTIRE business about anti-gravity and electro-gravitic propulsion sounds so much just like a refinement of current microwave propulsion, doesn't it?

Well, the article is just a transcript, however, each title links to the corresponding part of the interview. TDL is clearly not adept at citation, but then, most people don't care - he is relying on the CVs of his 'team' to provide all the credibility.

John Hutchinson, Stoyan Sarg, Roger Shawyer - all demonstrated antigravity/propulsion, however, much earlier demonstrations of related effects were achieved by Tesla and then George Piggott and Tomas Townsend Brown leading to Project Winterhaven - this is all electro-gravitics and as Tom Bearden tries to describe, it is at the cancellation of scalar wave interference where electro-gravitics occurs, essentially it is about field interference of conditioning matter.

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