How much information is stored in a human body?

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Each cell in a human body contains copy of the whole human DNA. And the human DNA consists of 3,234.83 Mb (Mega-basepairs), which is approximately 3.2 giga bits or 0.4 Giga bytes (GB) equivalent of digital storage. This is because each base pair can be thought of as 2 bits in terms of digital storage. However, there is some sort of dependency between base pairs, so instead of 2 bits, I would just consider them as 1 bit.

Now how many cells does a human body contain? Estimates range from 10 trillion to 100 trillion cells. So, if we use the least approximation of 10 trillion cells, the total number of bytes in a human body would be 10 trillions multiplied by 0.4 GB, which comes out to be a whopping 4 Quintillion bytes, where one Quintillion is a billion of a billion, or in computer terminology, 1 billion GBs or a million Terabytes! Crazy, ain't it?


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Great bit of knowledge! I think with this information I can now justify charging my wife for my memory usage. Every time I have to remind her of something (like putting gas in the car or turning off a light), I will charge her .25 cents. Heck, I'll be wealthy in no time! 😆

Hamid What an information about human body. God blessed human more and more capabilities Thanks for sharing useful information.

Yes human body is an amazing piece of art from God. On a normal computer nowadays, you have 1 TB of hard disk. Human body has storage equivalent to million of such hard disks!

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The thing is, we have recently found out that 90% of the cells and 99% of the DNA that makes up you and me is not Human. Thus with all this carry on with how much data makes up a Human or the mapping of the Human genome, was all for nothing as it is not the Human DNA on its own but how all the species interplay together that makes it work.