Bee hotels open for business

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These structures give wild bees a place to rest.

These hotels are going up in rural farmlands, suburban backyard, and city rooftops. It is built by people with the purpose of giving bees a place to rest and create a nest.

This is important because bees are a big deal in the world of plant reproduction and food growth. Bees are needed for the task of moving pollen from one plant to another, which help to make see and will grows in to the fruits we consume. Bees are also known for making honey, however only the species that are honeybees.

Currently, the bee population is suffer and have taken a drastic decline. This means that it will be harder to grow food in the future, which will lead to an increase in food prices and those that are already struggling to provide food for their families will struggle even more.

Unfortunately, wild bee species have lost much of their natural habitat , the places where they would normally choose to live, which is causing the population numbers to drop. Bee hotels are helping to address and solve this problem. It give female bees a place to lay her eggs and will help add to the population.

The hotel can range from complex to simple designs. The simple designs include having a clean mike carton and putting straw inside and when the bee leave the straw can be replace. These bee hotels are not only resting places for bees, but other insects too.

This is a great idea to help these tiny pollinators, especially when they give us back so much.

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