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The word zero is used to mean 'nothing'. There are different applications of zero in math.

Different times in different countries of the world there was a notion of zero. Evidence of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia civilization and India is found. Today we will know some interesting information about zero-

  1. Null is the same number and digit. There is no value zero, it does not set any value even if it is empty before a number. Only if a number is left behind can increase its value by zero.

  2. Zero is a neutral figure. It's not positive or negative. Zero is called normal full number.

  3. In Indian culture, the word is 'Shuanyya', meaning empty or empty, from 'zero' to it.

  4. Ancient Indian mathematicians have successfully used numbers as symbols or emblems without using zero. Mathematician Arivatte is called the creator of zero.

  5. The word 'zero' comes from the word 'zero' from the word 'zero' in English It has been changed from Italian 'jifioro'. Again the word 'jifiro' comes from the Arabic word 'Safaier' or 'Safaira' which means 'there was nothing' there.

  6. Historians say the Greeks used the 'emiricon' to mean 'nothing'. The 'Ammricon' is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet, which has the same shape as '0'.

  7. There was a symbol in the Egyptian sculpture called 'Nefar', which means 'beautiful'. They used to denote the symbol 'zero'.

  8. Both alphabetical 'o' (o) and mathematical '0' (zero) are both round. The difference is well understood on the computer. 'O' can not be numerized. Because its shape is absolutely round, and the figure '0' is a little flat in its shape.

  9. No number zero before the number, but the number of mobile numbers starts with zero. But no number of mobile numbers. The number 0, 1 or 2 of the mobile number is the symbol of each.

  10. 'Zero' is the only number in English that has many names. For example, nil, zip, zilch, knought and knot etc.

  11. Whenever a batsman runs in the nets, he is called a 'duck'. The whole thing is called Dak's Egg or Duck Egg. And this egg's shape is like zero.

  12. In tennis, 'love' means 'score zero'. If a player's score is zero, he is called 'love'. The French word 'Louf' means the egg. The word 'gain' is derived from 'Louf'.

  13. Before zero, it was used only as a dot (.) Symbol. This is after '0' form.

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