Meet Ayam Cemani of Indonesia : The only animal that takes black seriously!

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In physics, black is got from the absence or complete absorption of visible light, it is achromatic colour - a colour with no hue. From time immemorial black hasn't been a strange colour in the animal populace, gorrilas, bears, dogs, tigers, cats, amongst other all have black species.

But Ayam Cemani(Ayam - "Chicken", Cemani-"competely black" in javanese) from Indonesia as its populary called, takes the lead, the whole body is black including the beak, plume, meat, bone, eye, organs, even the blood is not entirely red- a dark shade red.

Ayam Cemani(the Lamborghini of poultry as is exortic name) gets its black colouring from a string genetic trait called "fibromelanosis" which promotes the black pigmentation just like the chromatophore in chameleon that enhances it's colouration.

Who on earth would want to buy a black chicken?!, well, one chicken cost about $2400 - $2600 Which when compared, a normal 10 chicken would cost about $60.

Why is this rare and strange breed of chicken costly?, maybe because there is a believe that their meat have mystical powers and brings goodluck to mothers during childbirth, also biologist tells that it is rich in iron hence beneficial to women before and after birth and people say its meat is delicious 😋.

Oh, not all part of Ayam Cemani is black, it lays cream-coloured eggs whichis the only part that's not black and since they don't repost, they only get their eggs hatched through incubation.

Would you then like to buy yourself this beautiful bird from Indonesia?

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Bon appetite.....

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