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German Scientists

Science and Germany is a good fit when we go back in time. A lot inventions came from Germany. This is another post trying to educate the world about Germany, its inhabitants, culture and more. Recently we spoke about Music - now we asked again Google what they have to say about Germany by typing the search phrase "German scientists" - Results below - who of you knows anyone in that list? Please comment what you think were the top inventions coming from Germany - which of the scientists you admire most, which are missing here?

Carl Bosch

I am picking out one - so not the obvious first choice Albert Einstein but Carl Bosch. Carl Bosch was a German chemist and engineer and Nobel laureate in chemistry and was a pioneer in the field of high-pressure industrial chemistry. In addition he was the founder of IG Farben which was the biggest chemical company world wide during at one point during the early last century.

Carl and myself have in common that we both worked for BASF which is the largest chemical producer worldwide still. He had a bit more chemical background and success than me (it was just a student's job) though.

Bosch is mainly known due to this work on growing the process of Haber ammonia process by synthesizing the ammonia, hydrogen and nitrogen. In addition he is recognized for formulating methods of chemical high-pressure.

1931 was the year he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the introduction of high pressure chemistry. Nowadays the Haber–Bosch process produces 100 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer every year.

Please feel free to write and comment about other great Scientists you know of.

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Werner Heisenberg was the greatest German scientits for me. He worked close with the Danish scientist Niels Bohr while discovering the Quantum Theory. Other importan physicists were Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, anti-war acitivist and brother of the German President Richard von Weizsäcker, and Erwin Schrödinger whose theoretical cat is well known through popular science. :)


Some great scientists indeed, thanks @orionvk - Erwin was new to me so second thanks!

Carl Bosch 's improvements on the Haber process is so valuable. Today's multibillion companies still use his great process. And it's clean tech :)


Correct and agreed - thanks for commenting


Thanks a lot - you are right - in order to help best please remind me when you have posts younger then 12 hours ideally

I didn´t know Carl Bosch so far. But Robert Bosch, the guy who founded the Bosch Group (Engineering). Actually my Grandma was taking care of his kids for about 1 or 2 years back in the days his company was still small :)


That is cool - basically Robert Bosch was the Uncle of Carl Bosch - Robert is a bit more known throughout the world based on the Bosch company


And you've just taught me something new, thanks for that 😊 It's really awesome how much valuable information you may get on Steemit compared to other social media 😀