The Australopithecenes gain recognition

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Despite lots more controversy around Dr Broom and his unorthodox methods, especially the use of dynamite, his critics would, one by one, eventually fold under the weight of evidence that was being assembled.

The cracks started to show as the Americans began to throw more of their weight around the finds from Africa.

An influential anatomist from Oxford, Wilfrid Le Gros Clark spent two weeks in South Africa determined to prove Dr Broom wrong, but after poring over the fossils and visiting the cave sites was soon convinced that these skull certainly belonged to beings that were somehow ancestral to humans.

A year later he would say " I am afraid there is no escape from the fact that these specimens are very closely related to man and are the survivors of the group that gave origin to man"

Further referring to them as "man in the making"

This recognition and vindication made Broom redouble his efforts in Sterkfontein and start working in the nearby cave of Swartkraans despite being banned from there because of his use of dynamite.

The dynamite soon revealed the adult Australopith he had been seeking for 22 years, Mrs Ples.

By José Braga; Didier Descouens, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Later he recovered hip bones that proved the Austrolopiths walked upright based on the angles of the hips and joints.

At Swartkraans he would discover more fossils even those that belonged to Homo Erectus

Sir Arthur Keith, the most ardent of the British scientific establishment critics would eventually concede.

"I am now convinced on the evidence submitted by Dr Robert Broom that Professor Dart was right and I was wrong"

The wheel had turned full circle.


Whether it's fossils from human ancestors, of course that's true, but the oldest grandmother of mankind is adam ..

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An incredible fossil research. Very good



This is actually interesting

i first tought it would be boring but when i started reading i just couldn't stop

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I can't believe the used to use dynamite for such work. Fascinating stuff.

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sometimes a research require a recognition of the people who have more knowledge about a new discovery, waladupun so unacceptable be that's it, but with patience as well as proof that makes sense will well received in a community

Some of science involves observation as a fundamental step towards conclusions.

wow use dynamite?
hopefully at that time did not eliminate the important part.

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WOW. this is a great news :)
the science world is surprise me day by day :) I have read a few articles about this.
I have an interest in my writing.,
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Hola @gavvet
Los monos del sur (Australopithecenes) si caminaban erguidos.
El género de Australopithecenes se divide en seis especies: afarensis, africanus, sediba, anamensis, garhi y bahrelghazali.
Por cierto, una locura usar dinamita.
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo

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I think he should have spent more time in South Africa. 2 weeks is not enough for this mysterious plane. There are more than 200 million stone ruins and counting. Bring Dr Broom back..

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beautifully tied up history. I've read much about Dr Broom. His discoveries overhauled the outlook of modern day science

beautifully tied up history. I've read much about Dr Broom. His discoveries overhauled the outlook of modern day science

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The Australopithecenes gain recognition

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Very interesting, I like this topic

What kind of aspirations do you think they had?

Are we talking here about Australopithecus sediba or some new Australopithecus species?

A very good article! I am also interested in the Denisovans.

I heard in the news some two years ago that a new species of the genus homo was discovered. Can someone please enlighten me more on it?
Good post though @gavvet

@gavvet great share. Very interesting to read. 👍👍

Interesting article but scary lol

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Thanks for share this

Wild stuff you have been sharing my South African friend. That is one bizarre looking skull. The story of Dr Broom...or is Dr. BOOOM with the dynamite!

Anyway I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the support you have been continuing to throw my way. Much Appreciated as I travel the world! From Santiago Chile! -Dan

a very good post about the history of human skull also adds my insight and is very useful for me @gavvet