Oldoway Man, a false start for Africa.

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Reck excitedly returned to Berlin to publicize his finds.

In his mind he had satisfied himself that the skeleton was not a recent burial but an in-situ deposit of a man that had drowned 150 000 years ago, 50 000 years older than the then conventional view.

img source

He had come to this conclusion because the deposit was cemented and the whole was removed as a single block from which the bones had to be chiseled out.

He was correct in figuring out that the deposit was water lain but failed to recognize evidence that the body was in fact buried, something that was pointed out later by the presence of small chips from a younger sequence above and also the fact that the skeleton is intact. this is rare for most hominid fossils in a water lain deposit unless they are rapidly buried.

Due to the controversy 3 German expeditions were launched to go back to confirm more details, the first two failed to find Oldoway and the third found it but WWI broke out and they were recalled. Reck himself was detained in 1916 and interred in Egypt for the remainder of the war.

After WWI German East Africa changed to British Rule and little further was done since they had their "Piltdown man"and were not bothered with looking for evolutionary ancestors coming out of the continent of Africa.

Asia was where it was at for them and how could anything of value come out of the dark continent of Africa.

Carbon 14 dating eventually dated the skeleton at 19 000 years old but not after a later scientist to work Olduvai, Louis Leakey had mad a bit of a fool of himself. But, more on this character later.

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I'm not too sure if the paleontologist finding my skull will ever figure out what happened to my brains after reading 10 000 Steemit posts. Thanks gavvet. Upvote and resteem.

Great post

Kattwinkel and Reck had found ‘Olduway’ but WW1 and the loss of Tansania then stopped further research. Reck also found more recent activity of melting iron and even about production of steel, which has nothing to do with the skeleton found.


Interesting, incredible insight, thanks for a really really cool comment. Tanzania is a historic country.

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I love your content, it creeps me out a bit. Hehe


its a beautiful place, if you get to know the people. vibrant cultures

This famous expedition caused much discussion, in the Olduvai gorge in East Africa archaeologists found the skeleton of the most ancient man on Earth. He is 1.5 million years old and archiologists have a hypothesis: where the first man appeared. Thank you @gavvet

war is not just people. a proclamation that also prevents knowledge and exodus. thanks for the information and for sharing. @gavvet

this is a lot os study and information
I may say what you say can be true or false and what he said can be true or false as well.
we haven't even discover more 50% of our planet yet, to know what is the reality, until then I can say I like your post. keep it up


Good Point, We Don't Know That Much Yet! How did you get into history?

Another great post,thanks.

@gavvet. Olduvai might be wrong in the dating of the skeleton from Africa but everyone knows the first man was of African descent.

I did not knew that there were so many theories on this topic.This is what i personally love about steem you always get to learn a lot and really it helps ....Thanks a lot for this article @gavvet

Archeological fossils more often than not would uncover new data about a place or thing. This was a no special case. Much obliged @gavvet

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I especially read about this.
I read the article you wrote yesterday.
I am glad that he returned to Berlin, the fossils he found sharing with people of yesterday.
I'm following this news, thank you


Yeah me too, can't just take them away!

Interesting how they had certain racial theories and were trying to find evidence for them, sad that we still seem to do that today.

Disregard out of Africa! Fossils uncover human agriculturists relocated BACK to the mainland from Europe 3,000 years prior to populate it

The primary present day people are thought to have left Africa and started spreading far and wide up to 100,000 years prior, yet it appears to be some of our predecessors later chose to come back to the landmass.

Another examination has uncovered proof of an invert relocation by Stone Age ranchers from Europe to Africa which can even now be seen today in the genomes of individuals from Africa.

Two teeth from a 35,000 year old lady found in Romania have given confirmation that a populace of people headed out back to Africa around 3,000 years prior

A genetic study has provided evidence that a population of modern humans migrated from Europe to Africa around 3,000 years ago. The research found genetically material from a 35,000 year old female skull found in the Pestera Muierii cave in Romania matched genes found in modern African populations today


Not so sure about this...


what are the sources of this info?

thank you @gavvet for this content,i still want to hear more about this story of reck

Genetically the people of Olduvai Gorge could have been genetically similar to the Denosovan Archaics who moved out of East Africa and moved into South East Asia. This is because the theoretically point of departure seems to be one likely 'starting off point' for where this population could have migrated due East.Of course it is hard to know for sure.

When the WW1 broke out, does it means the squad that was sent to find out about this oldoway didn't get to finish the project? I mean the third group that was sent?

a very interesting post and add insight

This is very good thisis about evolution.I am very interested to know this type of history and what was our past.
Thank you sir.


For a minute I just thought of what my skeleton especially my skull looks like.
The flesh is really d beauty of d skeleton.
I wish I can see my nakedness.

What do you think about the genetic root of Melanesian people? Do you believe they are their own haplotype branching from archaic humans like Europeans, or perhaps related to a sub-Saharan African genetic lineage, or maybe diverged from a more recent Asiatic population with mixing from Denisovan populations? Human genetics and population spread really fascinates me

The human history is very interesting and there is a still many things that we have to discover.

I remember reading that the origins of us humans wasn’t in Africa after all. Is this related to it?

Buen Post, es importante seguir buscando sobre los orígenes del homo sapiens, todavía de estas historias habrá mucha tela que cortar. Aqui en venezuela tenemos datación de hace -19 mil años en el sector taratara, falcon.

I just love these kind of posts. I am really happy to learn all this historic amazing facts.

Archeological fossils most of the time would reveal new information about a place or thing. This was a no exception. Thanks @gavvet

thank you for this information

Thanks for sharing this awesome information besides i love history especially aechealogical findings.

great info,,i appreciate your blog,,thanks for sharing this post,,,i wait for your next post,,best of luck.,resteemit done.

Allot of information in one post. Hours of study I guess. Keep up the good work.

thanks for your topic and i hope to continue

Nice Post, The Older I get ,the more things I find that I did not know!

I once read that the oldest skeleton was discovered in Tanzania in East Africa!

Asia was where it was at for them and how could anything of value come out of the dark continent of Africa.



History needs to be known in order to know where we came from and to help us navigate the present in order that the future might witness to the works of the past


Thank you for the exciting post.

If i may i have a question that i feel many other non-experts in evolutionary biology or archaeological science many also have:

How is Carbon 14 dating used in arriving at the age of relics from the past, or even the earth itself?

Thanks for the enlightening clarification in advance.

More likely Nephilim buried by the Great Flood.

I've already Resteemed it,


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wow this is great..in my childhood i had a dream of becoming a archaeologist and studying about the past..but i here i am now as a environmentalist..anyway still i love to dig the past and learn things..this is awesome..please write more for us :)

Oldoway man fossil,..
I thought it was a myth.. But this post show me the trutht. Thanks @gavvet

@gavvet - I had recently read A History of Nearly Everything by Billy Bryson and Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari - surprisingly, despite both thes books covering the history of prehistoric man, neither of them featured 'Oldoway Man' from what I remember.

I'm supposing this is one of those findings that were never scrutinised enough by science and accepted by the larger scientific community.

this includes a hard human skull because it can survive in 150 000 years .

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Wow ! That’s amazons . How can i get this carbon 14 from ? Seriously talking .. coz I am buying antiques and I wish I can use this carbon 14 to discover antiques authenticity

amazing find

You opened my eyes. ...Nice post ...loved it

A really interesting story :)


Oldoway Man!!! still, there have lots of controversies,,,


keep going ! ilike it

Great post sir, 👍👍

@gavvet I PERSONALLY think Africa has a lot to offer to the world.....

How do they know he drowned? They have a skeleton, one of significant age, yet they somehow know he drowned 150000 years ago? I sometimes wonder about scientists, and who is checking on them? I think some very isolated areas of science can get away with a lot because they have very few people that can actually confirm or reject their findings/speculations.
However, I understand the need to investigate these things, and keep learning....not trying to be negative on the post.

If this is true
What about Darwin's theory of evolution?

İskelet 150.000 yıl önceye mi ait. Bunları bulan adam çok çalışkan olmalı kesinlikle. Neden berline döndü? Bulunduğu yerde kalması daha uygun olmazmiydi?

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Excellent work, congratulations friend @gavvet

Thanks for your kind information.
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Well scribed

This post is really educating...

nice one boss, if i may ask is there hope for Africa???

Louis Leakey is an interesting character! Thanks for sharing @gavvet. He has been very influential in coming up with new discoveries, and protecting enangered animals too.

What an insightful post. Nice write up and keep it coming man

Nice post but how can one tell if a skeleton drown 150000 years ago


@gavvet, the pre-World War II Nazis had a curious obsession with Tibet (I think it's even where they got the swastika symbol -- which they then reversed because the original wasn't fascist evil madness); ironic for such a bunch of Aryan supremacist racist f***tards.

What really caught my attention here is the phrase 'Anything of value come out of the dark continent of Africa.'

Thanks for this, is so inspired this image source what a show that is an old ages