Leakey's tools - where it all began for him.

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Leakey's fascination with stone tools stemmed from when he was sent a book at age 12 as a Christmas present.

Fascinated by the descriptions of flint stone tools he set about looking for his own. In the book flint was described as being dark, glassy and sharp.

Below is a typical flint handaxe.

img source

As luck would have it Kenya has little of the flint type rocks but borders the Great Rift valley. There is plenty of volcanic activity there and volcanoes produce obsidian.

img source

Obsidian provides a fine material for tool manufacture since it delivers a finer edge than broken glass.

img source

Above is the type of fine stone tools that can be made with obsidian. This type is typically from the Americas. Africa's tools being very much older differ substantially in style and many of the most common ones are far less recognizable.

He soon found many sharp black flakes in the nearby surrounds but many were skeptical until he met up with Arthur Lovebridge of the Nairobi Museum.

Lovebridge confirmed that some of his collection were indeed tools and that they were not made from flint but of obsidian. From then on Leakey was hooked.

Handaxes are more common in Africa and some very fine specimens can be found made from obsidian and are plentiful where they occur.

img source

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I am from Africa. There are stones here falling from the sky that are expensive and rude


I hope you could take some picture of those stone falling from the sky. That would be great.


Kalau di indonesia batu akik

Nice post with beautiful stones @gavvet. Here's one upvote for you.

Africa blessed with lot of resources. Proud to be an Africa . I think that is something used in a movie "Game of throne" to kill dead walking creature.


I don't think that's a dragon glass. Dragon glass has a different colour.


Dragonglass!!!!!! Yes!


PS. Obsidian is dragonglass....

Am an African and I strongly believe there's a lot of amazing things yet to be discovered here . We are indeed blessed with great things and people. It's a worthy post bro, Thanks for sharing.

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Science has invention many critical subject.....

Ancient tools are amazing and sharp enough.
i think such kind of tools they use for hunting and they make it with patience and lots of hardworking.
thanks sir for sharing such a informative post with us.
keep all your good and kind works up.
have a great and a bless day ahead.

I like the post .they are very good captured stone photos. Thanks you sharing the post.

Thanks for sharing this with us

How to chisel ancient stone kala.

Already had one in hand, they are so freaking sharp, never thought they would be almost like a razor blade! Great post!

Beautifully stone and volcanos...

Ancient history first, this is the way stone carving.

One day he will discover Ruby!!

Stone that has historical value and benefits.
People say there are unexpected great powers that can arise in the oceans, on the volcano and on the person who knows the true purpose of his life. @gavvet
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Louis Leakey

I had the opportunity to read about Louis Leakey, which was very interesting for the study of human fossils, our past and the tools they used, for that time, that's why I found your publication interesting and more than for a book that was given to him .

Something similar was charles Darwin who was passionate about insects and was cataloging by species, color, shape and size and on a trip to America, he could compare the same insect with different morphology, size and shape although he did not lose the major features and then begins to study the reason for the changes by adaptability.

The Neanderthals manufactured specialized tools from animal bones 50,000 years ago. This is demonstrated by the discovery of the remains of four utensils in two Palaeolithic sites in southwestern France.http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2013/08/12/ciencia/1376307279.html

The stone looks very luxurious. surely the price is very expensive. Which kind of like this, must be targeted by stone lovers


This is amazing! I would love to have one of those for my protection! I can just put it in my purse, concealed! Really priceless! But most of all, it’s a work of art and creativity! Innovative minds they are! Thanks for sharing! Thank you! Come and join us at SteemSchools at: https://discord.gg/napcNZk, see you there! I am Hongkong&Philippines!


Absolutely incredible. Thank you for pointing us out

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Hmm i wonder what kinds of different crystals do naturally form on different types of rock rocks?

ranging from meta-morphic to igneos only

It always bothered me that ((GEO))!-logical findings dont compare any of their rock related findings to what would their modern rocks would look like.

Some kids could mistake FLINT!
from quartz!

Ancient cultures of all kinds fascinate me. So many mysteries and stories buried in the sands of time. Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, Easter Island. Ancient Norse and Celtic societies. The Terra Cotta army of China. All the way back to the cave paintings at Lascaux. Ever since I was a kid reading National Geographic and other similar magazines.

I am super slow when it comes on science, I just know it now from ur post about the stone, how sad to have a poor knowledge about science, haha.

Africa !!! a continent with the biggest resources in the world !! If there wasn't so much corruption in this world Africa would be the number 1 continent on this planet !! (I am not african but this is my sincere thought). i have been to Mozambique, Senegal, Cote D'Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria and loved every piece of land i have seen there.

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