Medical Marijuana Woo

in science •  11 months ago

What are the benefits of cannabis oil? Cannabis oil gets you stoned. What about the evidence for medical marijuana? About the same conclusions. Makes you feel good, but that's about it. Sorry, folks.

Medical Marijuana as the New Herbalism

While there are many people who suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments who claim that they prefer the pain relief of cannabis oil, it hasn't been clinically tested in all but a very few select cases. There are some remedies for which some cannibanoids are effective, and these also occur in cannabis oil, but it doesn't follow that a dose of cannabis oil would also do pretty much the same thing as petri dish models or very limited clinical trials with some ingredients of cannabis oil. You don't chew on a willow bark instead of taking asprin, do you? Well, if you do, it's probably not as effective as taking asprin.

The oil is probably better than anything you smoke via combustion, because if you smoke it, it has the same dangers if not more than anything else you burn and inhale. Vaping is better than smoking, but again, there is limited evidence that it is good for you or at least not detrimental to your health. It probably is not as bad as smoking, and not as good as edibles.

Even if Big Pharma did pay journalists to discredit science (and if they do, please sign me up, I will become such a journalist shill tomorrow for enough Randelas), it's hard work to become at least literate in reading science literature. Very few journalists - even science journalists - can make this claim. I'd go as far so to say very few scientists get this far.

I'm saying this as an art school dropout so you can't tell me anything about how wonderful marijuana is, but that doesn't mean that it's going to treat your cancer. Unless you want your melanomas to have that awesome wood finish, you can't treat cancer with marijuana - at least not as far as we know in terms of clinical trials and proper research.

Recommend some Ben Goldacre books to your Big Pharma bro friend. Bad Science is one of the best popular science books I have read, but he also has one called Big Pharma. I haven't read that one yet but I've been threatening to do so and my resolve gets strengthened each time I see someone ranting against Big Pharma with nothing but anecdotes. By all means, enjoy marijuana, but if someone has a real medical problem, perhaps they should see a real medical doctor?

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Wahaha... "I'm saying this as an art school dropout"... I'm still laughing!

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Yay let's hope this bot doesn't ruin my traffic for a month.

Bad Science is a top read! I recommend it to anyone who wants to get more familiar with the way the media reports on health and science issues and how terrible it does so.


Totally agreed! We have a few interesting legal developments here in South Africa at the moment. It seems that private use marijuana is going to be legal, and then medical marijuana is already on the cards. Hopefully, this means much needed real research can become easier as the onerous regulations are currently a big stumbling block in this regard. I'm sure there are many more medical applications for marijuana and gathering more clinical evidence can only be beneficial.

you're making steemit a great community with your content gargunzola! keep it up!