Some details about the universe that maybe you do not know.

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The firmament is something that almost instinctively calls us, forces us to see it and to digress about its mysteries and beauty, it is as if every cell, every atom of our body knew that it belongs in one way or another up there. I love astronomy, the universe with all its possibilities, magnitudes and riddles, is a subject that could talk hours and hours.

In this publication I leave you some of the wonders of the universe.

  • Supernovas.
    It is what happens when a super massive star fuses all its hydrogen in helium, then helium in carbon, carbon in oxygen and so on until it reaches iron, unlike the others, iron does not generate energy, on the contrary it absorbs it , which generates a series of events that ends up destroying the star and everything that is nearby.

Before continuing we will clarify a point, the stars have a delicate balance between the energy released in nuclear fusion (which seeks to explode everything to all sides) and the force of gravity (which only wants to squeeze everything and make it compact), is that's why when they fuse iron, which does not generate enough energy, in addition to absorbing the surrounding energy, that balance is broken causing gravity to gain for a moment.

As the gravity force has a slight advantage, the star compacts and becomes denser and hotter, making the conditions in the core propitious for the star to merge elements heavier than iron, the fusion of these elements it is very energetic what gives fusion the advantage over gravity, this causes the outer layers of the star to be expelled in a big explosion called super nova, after this process the core of the star remains in the shape of a hole black or press.

We owe more to the super novas than we imagine, many of the chemical elements that are essential for life on our planet come from these, so we can say that we are made of stardust.

  • Black holes.

They are the remains of a super massive star that exploded in a supernova, is a region of space where gravity is so intense that although you travel at the fastest speed possible you can escape from it, they are called as they do not emit or reflect any type of light and it is because even this is trapped by its immense gravitational attraction.
In countless movies, series and science fiction books have been used as portals, monsters and others, the truth is much simpler and less elegant.

To begin with, we would never see anything falling into a black hole, there is a region on the outskirts of every black hole called the event horizon, which is the point of no return, if something is attracted to one we would see how it gets closer and closer slow to this region to be suspended right there, we must remember that by the influence of gravity, at this point the time passes much slower, so if we lived long enough we could only observe how it fades little by little until it is no longer there.

Never for more than you would like you could escape from one because inside the "space cone" formed by the distortion of the space due to the density of the hole, the space is modified, it stretches radially and collapses transversely, that is, the exit literally it would get away from you faster than you can get close to, you would also suffer the effects of spaghettification which is exactly as it sounds ... Spaghetti, you would be stretched in one direction and compressed in another.

They could not be used as portals through a wormhole or anything like that, if you can not get out of them because space collapses on you they do not do much good, theoretically there is a kind of wormhole that is stable and where space does not it collapses, but it has the detail that in what something enters them collapse, it does not sound like a nice trip.

  • Expansion of the universe.

The universe since its birth has been expanding, creating new space and moving away everything that gravity can not hold together, this effect was discovered by the astronomer Edwin Hubble when he realized that distant galaxies were getting farther and farther away.
This is the effect of the dispute that exists between the force of gravity (who is obviously losing) and dark energy, all this poses a pretty macabre future but that reminds us that we live in a suitable time for the exploration and study of the universe , if the universe expands exponentially and the space between the galaxies beyond our local group grows at a rate each time May, it means that at some point (within 87000000000 years) the only thing that will exist in the universe for someone that you observe from our galaxy, it will be precisely that ... Our galaxy !, the rest of the space will be dark, the light of the other galaxies, the background of micro waves will be nonexistent, an astronomer of a civilization that for that moment will try to study the universe will have no way of knowing that a big bang existed or that the universe is expanding.

That is why I say that we live in an ideal time in the universe to study it, so if you have the joy of having a telescope come out to use it, those who do not observe the night sky and contemplate its wonders.


Francisco Queffelec.

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