Jacques Cousteau: The man made legend.

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Good morning Steemers.

For those who do not know him, Jacques YvesCousteau was an explorer, environmentalist, documentary director, inventor, naval officer and French researcher, was born in Saint-André-de-Cubzac on June 10, 1910 and died in Paris on June 25 of 1997. On board his ship Calypso he traveled all over the globe investigating marine life, the consequences of pollution in the seas, new technologies applicable to navigation and diving.



For me one of his greatest merits was to disseminate all his findings through documentaries and television programs. Making use of the divulgacionismo, could bring scientific concepts to the masses, doing it in a simple and entertaining way could create awareness and inspire new generations of researchers and explorers.

This model would later be adopted by scientists from other disciplines such as Carl Sagan, who saw the great value of democratizing scientific knowledge.

I fight all his life to protect the Antarctic, so that this was a continent of peace and reserved for scientific research, a struggle that is reflected in the Antarctic Treaty and the Madrid Protocol.

As an inventor, he developed multiple nautical and scuba diving devices, such as the scuba diver that he developed with the collaboration of engineer Émile Gagnan, this allowed divers to have the freedom to move underwater without the need for hoses that connect them to the surface, neither heavy helmets and lead boots. I also developed the turbovela, a propulsion system that allows you to save up to 30% of fuel on trips across the ocean. It was unveiled in the 80's and was put to the test in the ship Alcyone, added to the above was the first people to adapt cameras and video to operate in the sub aquatic environment.

For this and many more things is one of my favorite historical characters, worthy of admiration and with a great legacy that has inspired and will continue to inspire many more generations.

Here I leave one of your documentaries.

This is my humble tribute to this great man.


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