Good product/investment or a bunch of word salad? "Protandim"

in #science4 years ago (edited)

I ran into an old friend a couple weeks ago and he was really excited about a project/product that it sounds like he is pretty heavily invested in, It sounds like one of the too good to be true scenarios, it's a health food/product that sounds like it has lots of potential to help a lot of people... but then again it could be a bunch of word salad like so many "health breakthroughs" turn into.

I'm not the best at researching stuff like this and I would appreciate
any input or thoughts on it... I hope for his sake it's legit, but if it's not I would love to have some good links/knowledge to share with him to help him make an educated choice.

I believe the product is called "Protandim"

It seems to be far under researched still and even potentially dangerous for some especially for those on medications

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