Budha was a scientist.

in #science2 years ago


The Scientific method.

  1. LOOKIT THAT....make a lot of observations.
  2. Think about it...make a SWAG (scientific wild ass guess)
  3. Test the SWAG. If it works you have a theory.
    4 If it don't..Then knuckle down, buckle down and do it all over again...and again ....and again, until you get something right.

The chances are you might never 'come up with something right'. Take gravity for instance. We have no clue as to how it operates. All is technobabble and baffle gab. If we knew how it worked we could do something with it.

But we don't

Science is not religion. It doesn't try to prove something. A theory cannot be proved it can only be DISProved. All of scientific fact and theory is on probation.


Science is a process. The more we know the more we know what we don't know.

Except on CNN and the Mass media where they say simple cloth masks stop the virus, and other such nonsense.


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