Science Contest 01

in #sciencelast year (edited)

Hello steemian biologists! This time I am going to make a contest from a slightly edited version of my previous posting!


You can win 1 STEEM if you are the first to comment correctly below, stating the two [terms] in the description that relate to the posted image. Getting 1 term correctly wins 0.5 STEEM

In this (and in my previous posting) you view the image of the [plant name] leaf cell, showing one large and a smaller [structure name].

I believe you need to be an experienced botanist with plant cell morphology experience to guess the plant name (the wavy cell wall may give it away, or not 😃), while the structure is more generically applicable to plant cell biologists.

The image was enhanced using graphic editing.

The contest expires 21 September 2018 at 10:00 am UTC/GMT, I will publish the winner shortly thereafter.

Good luck everyone!