Citizen Science: Project FeederWatch 2019-2020

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Project FeederWatch is a great way to introduce children and adults to science and conservation through bird watching.


33rd Season of Project FeederWatch

The 33rd season of Project FeederWatch begins on 9 November 2019. Now is the time for North American bird watchers to signup for the 2019-2020 Project FeederWatch season.


Data From 2018-2019 Project FeederWatch Season

Last season numerous citizen scientist participants reported data from their feeder sites across North America.


The reported data from Project FeederWatch 2018-2019 is sumarized in the "Winter Bird Highlights, Volume 15".

Data Reports

Here is some of the trend data from the "Winter Bird Highlights, Volume 15".

  • Hawaii


  • Far North Region


  • Central Region


  • Northeast Region


  • Northwest Region


  • Southeast Region


  • Southwest Region


More to Explore on the Project FeederWatch Website

Are You Ready?


Citizen scientists in the USA and Canada can join Project FeederWatch here. International citizen scientists can join eBird.


Project FeederWatch here -- United States and Canada

eBird -- World-wide

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Again bird watching project this really good session for birds I also watched new type bird visiting my home.

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Hola @etcmike, es una excelente iniciativa este tipo de proyectos, gracias por compartir estos enlaces…

Hola @etcmike un proyecto interesante y hermoso, buena esa iniciativa de compartir estos enlaces…

great project, thanks for sharing, have a nice day

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I am glad that such projects exist, thank you very much for sharing

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