The World's Biggest Secret

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The World's Biggest Secret:

Do you want to know a secret? I’m going to tell you the biggest and oldest secret kept for 500 years by the biggest and oldest secret society in the world: Freemasonry.

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Is it that Freemasons were the earliest NASA scientists?

It is more than likely that the knowledge suppressed by a few was once common. With this knowledge comes great power. π is life. π is 2. Freemasonry has redefined π as the irrational 3.14.... to redirected the perspective. Enjoy -

Happy full moon. It is 99.9959% full exactly at this moment - we never landed on it. What the heck is the moon?

Um, wat?

Draw a circle on a piece of paper and measure its diameter. After that, measure the circumference. You will notice that the length of the circumference is 3.14 times longer than the diameter, not 2 times longer. How can you post such obvious nonsense?

Yes, the earliest logos and symbols used by NASA as far back as the 1960s show links to freemasonry.

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Atlas, circa 150 BCE

atlas 150 bc.jpg
The ancient Greeks understood we live on a sphere...why can't you?

Because I've done the necessary experiments to determine the spherocity of the Earth and have come to the conclusion that there is no curvature that forms a sphere. It's really as simple as that.

Well, either your experiments or measurements were flawed.

What experiments did you attempt?

Your assumptions show clear signs of indoctrination. You must first learn that you have been lied to before you can begin to comprehend the truth. I'd suggest starting with trying to debunk some of the claims truthers expose, for example: actually finding and measuring the curve of your imaginary globe Earth model.
But I have no interest in arguing with simple minded fools who show ancient statues holding balls and try to pass it off as a proof of evidence that you live on a globe.

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No, you first must learn how to think correctly. You don't automatically assume you are being lied to, that is being paranoid.

So I can assume you haven't really performed any experiments then? You just watched some youtube videos?

And the statue not evidence that the earth is a sphere, it is merely evidence that the ancient Greeks understood the earth was a sphere because they represented the earth as a sphere. Its not that

Eric, here is the modified version - It is now called Illuciferium.

- part of the secret
Thanks @illucifer for his contribution to humanity.
God is π7, Earth is Flat, we are spirit, spirit is nature.

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