The Saturn V rocket at NASA's KSC.

in science •  14 days ago

The Saturn V in all its glory. After the Apollo program was abruptly cut short, with Apollo 18 ready to go. Many components from Apollo 18 to 20 were left unused. Fortunately, some have been preserved and are on display at Kennedy Space Centre.

Almost 50 years since Apollo 11, the Saturn V remains the only launch vehicle to carry humans beyond low Earth orbit. We must return but this time remain for good!

Below are pictures I took of the Saturn V at KSC. Scroll to the bottom to see a diagram showing where each part goes as to give context to the size and complexity of the Saturn V.

First Stage with five F1 engines

Lunar Module (LM) sometimes called Lunar Excursion Module (LEM )

The Apollo 14 Command Module. Scorched from atmospheric re-entry.


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