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Meet Aliver Quiroga, My First Mexican, Science-Lie Reappraising, Pretty Damn Woke Amigo!

in science •  last year

Since 2015 I've been reappraising all the accepted dogma I was served via the high freemasonic priests of "science".
It has taken me to some most wonderful revelations, including that -our earth is not as it (doesn't really ; ) seems.
: ))
Recently I met this guy Aliver who reached out to connect to another of like mind, here in his home country, and my recently adopted home, for now.. . .Mexico
We covered quite a lot of good ground

Aliver is from Monterrey - my first official Mexican Flat Earther friend! I tell him I have another open minded friend from Monterrey currently waking up to the delusions - reappraising satellites and Arthur C Clark - how did this subject come to you - a coworker on a construction site, who became a great friend, just told him one day "you know the earth is flat"- very quickly it made sense to him, more sense than everything he had learned in school, seeing hotspot of sun over earth - the sun is not 93,000,000 miles away- all the anomalies- all the moon hoax- the ISS -the freemasonic deception - how much has been stolen - we dont know who we are - where we are - who might we be - is agenda 21 playing out - is this the beginning of the end, the beginning of the hunger games - people walking into fema/walmart holding centers - boston bombing martial law - nobody fought back - how can anyone fight a swat team with a tank backing it up - since 2008 this has been prophesised, now seeming to be happening - Port Arthur Massacre - False Flag for Gun Control - The shocking hellish life of manchurian patsy Martin Bryant, if we don't stand up and call out false flags they will keep serving them up - Port Arthur, Dunblane, 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook, Paris, Sweden - Barcelona, Melbourne, Sydney, Boston, Las Vegas, etc etc etc - where are the bodies- how did he get the guns in - how to spot a false flag - missing shoes, water bottles, name tags - people are fed it and they just take it - the government made propaganda and media lies legal - they want totalitarian regime, they want to round up the masses like cattle- just waiting for the people to be brought in - people think they are free but...- what to do if you cant get your meds - 2001 Andrew McGregor prediction that martial law was coming to developed world in 2015_2016 - the miraculous 9/11 hijackers passport - Martial law in Boston trial run in 2013 - one day you wont have a choice to get off the plantattion - us will become like Gotham, one big prison - we don't know, but we can sense, they're ready - they are testing the people before they bring this fence down - so sad to see this happening is a so called free country - every constitutional right stepped on - a dog had more freedom during Boston- how much of this is being released upon us so that some of us revolt, so they can crack down - invoking the anarchists and nihilists - we are all always mixing we are not enemies - release of info for the astute, awake and aware to divide them from the herd - the ultimate lie - they deliberately want some people to realise - hard to discern how much is deliberately released - many of us now are discovering so much so fast -the biggest but most easily provable lie - Eric Dubay - Dave Murphy interview on Macedonian TV - Mark Sargent - Darren Nesbitt, Rob Skiba - paid agents and freemasonic shills - people don't think they are smart enough to discern - 8 "per mile squared - feeling like you're not qualified to question - seeing evidences and proofs - the time it takes to wake up - smart people- fast, slower people, process longer - the inner critic - getting over the conditioning - getting sour on shills eventually - b.O.b - Eric Dubays' great videos can break it down for the simplest of minds - flat earth descriptions in the bible - Mark Sargent a freemason from the Flat Earth Society sent to deceive - Google "Mark Sargents raging shill clues" - we have to call out the agents paid to shit in the punchbowl as we realise, even though many of them have taught many truths amongst steering with disinformation - Zeitgeist - so many things felt wrong to the senses but you just repress it - accumulation of anomalies in the mind and heart splinters- Aliver's family background - breaking away from familial religious conditioning - stopping going to church - stopping lying to the self - being taken to church as opposed to going to church - finding god in the flower blossoms dropped on the road - not what they tell me inside the church - being taken to the USA - South Texas - Drifting away from religion - University of Texas - Graduated in Fine Arts - Main interest now is in Mayan archaeology - discovering, recording, uncovering, restoring restructuring, topographic examinations of over 120 long overgrown ancient Mayan Cities - current expeditions in Campeche - Popol Vuh the "mayan bible", influenced by Christianity, commissioned by catholic priests - corporate lackeys prepared to level lost mayan temples for profit - corruption at every level of authority in Mexico - experts summonsed to evaluate the mayan sites also paid by the corporate electricity company interests willing to destroy these 45metre high temples - what is inside all these brilliant pyramids - the Canadian kid who "found a lost Mayan City " apparently only found a weed plantation - being gullible - Most Mexicans didn't swallow the moon landings. Also much of Sth America- time it takes to wake up- each has to do their own - Alivers' planned experiments- being a tech retard -Urgent need for flat earth material in Spanish - Professional perceptions - we don't need credentials to see through this lie - how do people become awaken- Aliver's experience in Mayan archeological sites in Mexico - Friend in Mexican Marines slowly wakes up over two days being drilled - Ancient civilisations, Chaldeans, and others expert mariners, physicists, alchemists, astronomers, architects, all knew the earth was a plane - Google Einar Kuusks Documentary "Finding the Curve"- the thrill of filming a flat earth conversation- passing on parroted dogma vs a person who has done their own experiments - Mexican people need to be ready for the invasion thats coming when everyone wakes up - people will pull out from under government use other systems, intellectual hierarchies disappear -nobody noticed - crushing Neil de Arse Tyson - people are becoming their own authorities - brainwashed to beLIEve - UN Survey Joke - Seeing the world from a travellers eyes - enslavement- financial enslavement - political process vs anarchy - anarchy is the only way - are 100 million Americans going to try and leave the plantation if/when things get really bad - Americans moving states to get closer to medical marijuana or away from forced vaccines - the rebellious spirit of Mexico - the level of slavery in the "developed"world - the restraints on our freedoms - buying a permit to hold a garage sale - mistrusting the government - people can't see the hidden hand yet, en masse - revolutions don't start with gunshots - Mexican people are tired of the ruling class, as much as the cartels- people power in Mexico - keeping the government in check - sense of freedom in Mexico - living stateless - living without a letterbox - not contracting with the government - never dealing with the police - never dealing with the states offers to contract - the sovereign right to travel - we are all one we are waking up and we are not taking any steps back- some are able to do more than others - every person has an impact - if you can awaken one person - whatever we can do is so full of meaning - if one can wake up and break conditioning that they have been living a lie all their lives - its not a movement, it's consciousness rising - we are not taking it anymore - we don't need a ruling class - we are fine co-operating with each other - tax in spanish is impuesto=imposed on you - we are not afraid - that is the key here - fear is the base of the control - standing up and being a man- being willing to be ridiculed and going there anyway

If anyone wants to connect with Aliver his facebook profile is =FB - K'ínich Janaab Pakal

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