Friends yelling over Flat Earth - Science Reappraisal

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Recently I met Daniel, another open minded thinker from Monterrey, Mexico.
Daniel works as an interpreter but he has a background of interests in engineering, physics, astronomy and archaeology.
We started talking about the need for the reappraisal of so much (currently considered "settled") science.

When I first entered his home I saw a very old, very well made compass, some kind of fossil in a plaque on the wall, and a couple of globe earth models on his mantelpiece.
Our conversation quickly turned to the ideas of flat earth, the poles being like a ring magnet, and the history of all "recordable"existence.

Daniel told me that his grandfather Rogelio was way ahead of his time and quite a unique thinker. He was an engineer, an explorer, an archaeologist and philosopher. He built his own plane when he was 19 years old and then his own runway in his home town!
Dan explained how, towards the end of his life, his grandfather Rogelio found some supposedly ancient fossils which still contained soft tissue, which meant the fossil couldn't be as old as orthodox archeology dictates. This caused Rogelio great consternation and confusion (cognitive dissonance) and always stuck around in Dans' mind, as interesting.. . .

We started out talking about how, if this could be true, how could so few people have known it or noticed - and, of course , by the end we were yelling at each other -but it's all good.

This shiz is important!

NOBODY has noticed - simpler people catch on quicker ; ) - no one wants to be a flat earther - you need to accept that you may be wrong - maths a descriptive tool that might not necessarily reflect reality - maths can be shown as proof of the heliocentric or geocentric models of the cosmos - seeing through filters - complicated maths has been used to cement THEOretical ideas - was the supposed discovery of "gravitational waves" in response to the growing movement of science reappraisal - Einstein vs Tesla - Neil de Arse Lies On - Einstein "building bridges between THEOry and reality - an actor, a tool of promotion, a social engineer - becoming our own authorities - doing our own experiments - does light really have a speed, or is it instantaneous - self educating - suspension of current beliefs required - science needs to be overhauled and we need to get back to natural testable, repeatable, observable science - we need a new word for non-buyable science - gravity vs density/levity - we must attack the propaganda and conditioning and brain washing from many angles - we are all one consciousness - mind changes over time - where will we be going next - the moon landings - the pretend Hubble CGIs - the price of NASAs lies - one crack in the dam - we just need to talk to each other - not everyone is free enough to think free - you need to be self employed or independently wealthy - you need to fear no ridicule - you need to kill your ego - you need to know you can still feed yourself when you become considered mad by the majority of the population - it takes time and study to awaken to the lies - it takes an open mind and suspension of all current beliefs and "knowledge"- diplomacy - negotiation - interpreting and communicating - there are no proofs when something is still a THEOry - evolution, heliocentrism, big-bang, gravity - this is important - the great work - remembering our divinity - empowering ourselves - fast learners - shifting intellectual foundations - true enrichment - finding ones way out of the mental maze of lies and deliberate conditioning - defeating gravity - "its a kind of magic ; ) "- its all a big joke ON us - even geniuses haven't seen it - are the dead around us - feeling our way - the emotional guidance system - HOW DID EVERYBODY MISS THIS??? - his grandfather saw so much, but also missed so much that is just becoming clearer today - soft tissue in dinosaur fossils - this is a great time to be alive with an open mind, with their ego in check, and their own self authority to be able to learn - nobody can teach us - disappointment in our species - the world ISN'T all explored - throw away all the THEOcrazy considered "settled science"and given to us by the bumrumping stonecutters , and bring it back only when we can cross reference it by natural science - CIA influence over modern art, music, movies etc - history written by the winners - the racist eugenicists - the sickest amongst us - truth has been stolen, kept, obfuscated - we are on the brink of true discovery - we need to explore the poles - we need to go back to the real distant past.. . .

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I'm not up on your other theories, but I had my eyes opened with this one. I'm pretty sure this is another line of goods we've been sold. And did not find any good proof on the other side when I looked.



I love this comment @fitinfun! We're on that same page... I can't find any good evidence either... and i think the dinosaur memes outweigh the possibilities! You totally get where this unfinished convo is leading... big bang, evolution, he-lie-ocentrism...gravity...dinosaurs... done! ; )


lol - It's all falling apart! I can't keep up, but I sure did waste time in elementary school and my son too :)