Evidence of HAARP technologies before yesterdays Earthquake in Mexico City?

in science •  last year

Feeling helpless watching these four hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires devastate so much of these parts of the whirled right now...

I always thought it was interesting the reports that the HAARP tech could alter weather, cause earthquakes and hurricanes, tornadoes, storms etc. Then I heard that when HAARP tech was used to man-make an earthquake, that there were many witness reports of rainbow coloured clouds giving away their un-natural cause.

There are many strange lights in the clouds above Mexico before this earthquake ...

All we can do is will for the best, that people escape in time, that they don't suffer too much..

Something wiser than man rules over all things

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Great information thanks for sharing.

Great videos.
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I appreciate your eyes : )

There is something going on.
Stay awake and aware, brothers and sisters, together we have the power to enlighten the world.


I am grateful others are feeling it too @spellmaker

It scary to think of some of the tech man posseses now... We havent even figured out how get along yet..
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we must go around and around until we know we do : 0

man- thanks to the anonymous upvoters who make me see I am not alone


I want to thank the freee-thinkers who are open to the ideas our extreme weather may be man-ipulated ; )


Even Dr. Michio Kaku, one of the originators of String Theory, has stated that the recent hurricanes could be a result of HAARP and other man-ipulation.

this is great, thanks
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Phew!... glad you are alive Elissa x