What happens when you stop smoking?

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What happens when you stop smoking?
Over the past 10-12 years, different research groups have studied how the body of smokers reacts when they stop smoking. The results emerged are really very interesting.

In fact, already 20 minutes after the last cigarette, the heart rhythm and blood pressure tend to assume values ​​closer to normal.

After 2 hours, the first nicotine withdrawal symptoms begin to appear and, after 12 hours, the levels of carbon monoxide - inhaled substance when smoking - descend to acceptable levels.

After 48 hours, smell and taste improve significantly and, after 3 days, there are no traces of nicotine in the body.

After 2-3 weeks, the blood circulation and lung function improve significantly, to the point that the physical efforts are much simpler and do not cause the same stress.

Beginning after the first month, the lung tissue begins a healing process of the duration, in the most serious cases, of even 9 months. During this process, the ciliary system of the lungs returns to normal.

After a year, the risk of getting a coronary artery disease reduced by 50% (compared, of course, to smoking).

After 5-10 years, the risk of developing a tumor in the throat, bladder, mouth and esophagus was reduced by 50%; the same applies to lung cancer.

Finally, after 15 years since the last cigarette, the probability of suffering from a heart disease or stroke is the same as a person who has never smoked.
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