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If you are unfamiliar with the concept, then fix your saddles. I got you.

There exists a hypothesis, conceived in the 50s, popularly referred to as “SINGULARITY” which claims:

“An intelligent upgradable entity such as a computer software will arrive at a point of self-improvement looping, and as a result we will witness exponential growth in technology and ultimately drastic changes in our civilization”.

If you have seen any of the following sci-fi movies: Terminator series, Inception or more recently HER, then I hate to break it to you, but you have been in bed with the concept before you knew how it was called.

We are 23 years shy of a conservative prediction of this occurrence by a guy whose last name is Armstrong. Oh! I must not forget to mention that this was based on his study of EXPERT PREDICTIONS!!!


As you might expect, there is a lot of serious debate amongst intellectuals on the plausibility of singularity. Proponents, often use a logical time period extension of Moore’s law as evidence for their position are countered by antagonist arguments centered on the ambiguity of intelligence as well as the absence of motivational/psychological traits in computing entities.

“Moores law (observation): the number of transistors in an integrated circuit, doubles every two years :)”

We are already witnessing unprecedented fusion of technology, biology and society in; online match making and compatibility algorithms, machine trustworthiness in autopiloting, seamless gender transformation surgery that threaten to phase out gender, pure sorcery in 3D printing, the digitization of money in cryptocurrency, and the emergence of trumpsidents, to name a few.

So, you tell me what the question should be: is singularity a figment of our imagination? or does it come before or after Jesus?
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Strong words. Yes I believe we're heading in a similar direction, we'll see what actually comes up. :)

Yeah...calculated guesses are informing strategic positions in the present (in business, politics and sociology). The price of imperfect information is on a geometric rise, and we are all just trying to get ahead. Thanks for reading and commenting

Np, thanks for the reply. :)