Hollow Earth Theory

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Hollow Earth Theory

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Traditional geology says the earth is a massive piece. But there is a theory that says the Earth is hollow. In its interior there are seas and continents and a thick cap that separates the inner side from the outside. Inside of Earth exists a small sun that keeps the planet alive. That Sun in conjunction with the outer sun exerts a gravitational force which acts on the Earth generating the movements of rotation and translation. There are openings In the north and south poles that allow you the entrance to its interior space. These are inaccessible places well surrounded and guarded.

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One interesthing fact in 2002: The Hubble space telescope, began to photograph the star V838 Monocerotis in a outburst process revealing a small purple sun on its center as seen in image below.

Image by NASA, ESA and H.E. Bond (STScI) - public domain

In nov 6, 2014, the ALMA telescope (one of most powerful of the Earth located in Chile) captured a image of a planet genesis. Note the layers of dust surrounding the star. This is very, very slow process. Image below:

Image credits: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)

Below the all the satellites routes avoiding the pole of the Earth. Why? Magnetic effects,maybe? Some kind of censorship?

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Nature magazine has published an article about a small diamond found that points to the existence of a vast ocean in the Earth's mantle, 600km below the surface, which could fill our ocean 3 times. The study was conducted by researchers from the US and Canada, led by Canadian Graham Pearson, a member of the Alberta College of Canada. The researches used data extracted from USArray, a collection of hundreds of seismographs.

Illustration of the 'hollow earth' 1935 by Neupert, a german scientist.

(Mary Evans Picture Library) Image Source

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What's your thoughts on NAZI base 211 in Neu Schweibenland? How The NAZI's actually weren't trying to win the war, but to just get enough time to finish their Hunnibu UFO craft to get to the South Pole and escape through the tunnel networks?

There is a lot of info on this. Supposedly the Thule (pronounced two-lay) society through Maria Orrsic and the VRIL society contacted entities from the Aldebaron (EL DEB ER ON) system. This was back in the early 1900's.

From here they built the Die Glocke and other Super vehicles to punch through and leave this particular stretch of land.

Also, the above poster commented that the hearth wasn't hollow persay, but had caverns underneath it. And Corry Goode does tell a pretty interesting tale.

True or False...pretty fascinating.

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Very interesting this subject. I found a video showing where this Nazi base is supposed to be located.


Hitler as everyone knows was fascinated with occultism, it seems to me ironically (or not) his secret society had a cult to the "black sun." Perhaps the Aryan race was the Atlanteans, who knows? These german secrets wasn't lost. Someone keeps it well guarded somewhere.

Oh yes, I think the info is everywhere to be honest. The esoteric parts anyway. Between Blavatsky, and others there is a wealth of information to be tapped.

Amazing video. Thank you!

You're welcome man. Crazy stuff. Also, if you still are interested there's this awesome site:

The Aldebaron mystery


Hello dralex. Have you heard of Corey Goode?
He claims people/beings are living under the earth's crust.
He doesn't describe it as an earth that is hollow with a central sun, but rather many large caverns mostly created through volcanic, ice and other earth processes. He claims some of these caverns are the size of states where thousands live and some sort of bio-luminescence seems to be used.
He also mentions many large caverns in Antarctica where lost civilizations lived and current military bases exist.
It is interesting that our last president, secretary of state, the pope and many other prominent people in our world have recently traveled to Antarctica to visit for some reason.

Some people say that some Atlanteans would have migrated to the center of the Earth before the strong catastrophic event that tilted the Earth's axis a few degrees. Event caused by experiments with telluric forces. And there is another race living in a shallower potion, less evolved beings living in caves as you say. When someone see flying saucers (which are multidimensional) fading behind the mountain, these objects are actually traversing into it for these deep locations. But we have no way of knowing what is true, especially if have interest of governments. I'll research about Corey Goode, it's a very interesting subject. Thank you.


For sure. There are so many things we still don't know. The universe is fantastic!

I love reading about this theory of the earth's structure. I have heard several explanations of this theory on my favorite internet talk show called Thehighersidechats.com. I strongly recommend giving it a listen. There is so much great content on that show.

Thank you! I'll check it up.