There are aliens here on Earth now. (They're called octopuses)

in science •  6 months ago

Octopus aliens.jpg

There's something about the octopus that has always fascinated people. Doesn't it seem like they are almost alien? And now scientific researchers agree. The latest scientific paper generating headlines is one that claims that octopuses are alien creatures.

This theory suggests that planet Earth might have been seeded by interplanetary genetic material approximately 500 million years ago. In other words, the octopus originally evolved on another planet and then cryopreserved (i.e. frozen) eggs were somehow transported to planet Earth (maybe by a passing comet or meteor?). It sounds crazy, but 33 scientists have signed off on this theory.

It almost sounds like a scene from the 2016 Hollywood blockbuster film "Arrival" (which featured really intelligent octopus-looking aliens), right?

Anyway, if you plan on cooking a little calamari or fried octopus this summer, you might want to give it a second thought. If or when these aliens ever visit Earth to check on their long-lost octopus cousins, you probably won't want to admit that you've been eating them for dinner...


Octopus photo by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash

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