Wireless "Pacemaker for the brain": Scientists offer new solution for neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease

in science •  16 days ago

The device has been named WAND, which stands for wireless artifact-free neuromodulation device, and works as a "pacemaker for the brain. In its work, it monitors the electrical activity in the brain, identifying abnormal signals that indicate the presence of a seizure or tremors, then helps modulate electrical signals that prevent such events and symptoms.

WAND is both wireless and autonomous, meaning that once it learns to recognize the signs of tremor or seizure, it can adjust the stimulation parameters on its own to prevent the unwanted movements. And because it is closed-loop, it can stimulate and record simultaneously, and can adjust these parameters in real-time.

Read More: http://www.thetelegraff.com/brain-pacemaker-device

pacemaker for the brain.png

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