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The UFO crash of new Mexico is the biggest mystery of the century. In addition to this the US government created a program related to the UFO phenomenon called majestic 12 this program was created to investigate and in addition to that contact with beings from outer space this was top secret but There is something more in this and is that it is believed that the development of nuclear weapons has been the greatest interest in observing these advanced intelligences, but we have the British newspaper express public with names and surnames to the group of people who made up the majestic 12 group created Commissioned by the United States government at the head of President Harry Truman where the order was clear to investigate the biology of the remains of the Roswell accident and to do a retro engineering of everything that has to do with the technology compiled of this accident let's talk about the Members of this selected group of research directors of this project recodemos that these are integrated The elite of the United States also shows that they are even part of the Enlightenment and we can begin to see the greatness and elitism of this project.
Well the first members of this great group is the doctor bush genius of the direct mathematics of the office of research and scientific development of the American army good this Mr. I believe or fund the main contracting company of the American army that coincidentally manufactures night vision and chemical detectors Among other devices this from the incident Roswell curious truth we could see in this that a retro engineering operation was generated besides this in newspaper shows in those filtered documents that besides that Mr. bush was who directed and carried out the project manhattan Ose the atomic bomb worse also design and manufacture the bone differential analyzer the first analog computer in this gentleman also would be responsible for that UFO artifact was injured because the strong radio waves emitted by the atomic bomb would be the one that would have caused the Fall of said apartment and ad Ema of that years later 3 years later I made the ANIAC the most complex valvular computer of the era would be the equivalent to the super computers of today we can also add that in 47 in the laboratories it is "INVENTED" the curious transistor true the Same year of the incident where this sir integrated the research team does not seem curious this we could conclude regarding this man who was the mathematician who could see the 2 + 2 = 4 of the technology left by this UFO
Well now let's talk about the second Mr. James Vincent was the last secretary of the US Navy was also the first Secretary of Defense of the United States these changes occur in the same year of the incident Roswell this gentleman was essential to be able to coordinate all areas of the Government in front of this incident the strange thing is that 3 years later he died in very strange circumstances very rare died locked in a psychiatric hospital everything against his will on March 31, 1949 also found him with a bibs rolled in the neck this if that is rare But after an investigation made by a commission created by the Admiral Morton stated that his death was for a coup not for a suicide as indicated by the official version said coup was an impact of a fall but good his relatives always even today Say that Mr. Vincet was one of the main advocates of bringing to light this issue of Roswell this man and A well-known and well-known clean military man was clear that he was the first victim of the Roswell incident. It was an incredible thing that this gentleman saw that they take decided to assassinate the secretary of defense where he wanted to tell the world all this technology seen here. The first part of 4 espeor likes it and good adamas of all investigate on your own a greetings to all and thank you very much for reading me
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