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They've also found that octobus and cuttlefish dream when they sleep which is also a sign of intelligence in animals usually only seen in mammals and some birds.


Yes, octopus are intelligent I have no doubt. I just wonder to what extent. Seems I read they possibly have neurons in there tentacles. I didn't know about cuttlefish though. Seems I read about shellfish being smarter than we realize.
Smarter is subjective though, are we smarter? We can build things but must have instruction. Animals do it on their own, we do things from the collective knowledge of other humans. Without other humans we couldn't do much of anything, we would pretty much be intelligent apes huddling under a banana leaf in the rain.
Animals don't do much if anything to harm the planet, humans do for our own advancement(?) and enjoyment.
Don't get me wrong, I do it to, I'm doing it now, but that's even worse! I know that I'm doing it yet I continue to do so, doesn't seem so smart in a way.
Oh well, we do the best we can I suppose. Hopefully we can reach a point where technology and understanding overcomes our weaknesses.


Yeah when it comes to humans doing harm to the earth I'm of two minds that directly oppose each other.

First: No human should suffer and everyone has the right to live a healthy life and raise a family if they so choose.

Second: Our population is over 7.5 Billion. Even if we were all conscientous of the environment, our numbers alone would still continue to wreak havoc on the environment and the wilderness. Earth would be healthier for having some major cataclysms that wipes out 99% of the human population.