Glaciers in the Grand Solar Minimum

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Often within mainstream media, as they hyperbolically propagandize the global warming myth they will use statements such as;"its the hottest day ever". Ever? This is an absolutism and usually, when such absolutisms as "never" or "ever" are used it is in an abusive way. Spousal abuse is generally accompanied with such language and so too, is it abuse by the mainstream media to be propagandizing the global warming myth on a naive and gullible public. Yet, like victims of spousal abuse who return to their abusers, so do the masses return to be abused by mainstream media.
downward linear progression.png
As the graph reveals three times prior to the modern age, temperatures were several degrees warmer and while there was a spike in temperature over the 20th century(Modern Warm Period or WMP) it in no way compared to either of the previous warm temperature spikes of 1000 +/- ya or 2000+/-ya or 3000+/-ya. Do you see the pattern? And that overall temperatures over the last 6000 years have been steadily getting cooler and that each warm period is nothing more than a hiccup in geological time. Also, note that the warming of the 20th century on the geological scale is insignificant blip, but to the mainstream media, it is the end of the world.

prepared by Guy LeBlanc Smith , Retired Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO.
Ice core readings from both Greenland and Antarctica reveal a time delay of 650-1000 years between an initial increase in temperature followed by an increase in CO2. This is to be expected as cold liquids retain CO2 better than do warm liquids. Open a warm can of pop and a cold can of pop on a hot day and the warm can will likely foam over while the cold one does not. The oceans which contain fifty times the CO2 than the atmosphere does is the regulator of atmospheric CO2.
Take note between 11000-12000 ya there is a 30m increase in sea level. This coincides with the end of the Younger Dryas and it has been accepted as theoretically likely that a catastrophe of epic proportions occurred at this time destroying all megafauna in North America, left a layer of ash an inch thick in the geological record(NA) and interestingly, it coincides with Plato's claim of when Atlantis sunk. Prior to this event that plummeted global temperatures, Canada and parts of the northern U.S. were under miles thick glacier which melted rapidly(days) contributing to the rise in sea level. It is also estimated that the human global population decreased by 95% at this time and could be why so many cultures not only have a flood myth but also have an Adam and Eve type myth. It is likely that it was such an event that divided up the human gene pool and due to isolation by geography produced what are believed to be the many races of humanity. But that is a topic for another day.

Graph provided by the inconvenient sceptic
This graph depicts the growth pattern of glaciers in Norway based on their sedimentary deposits. On the left is present period and on the right is 8000 ya and one can clearly see that glaciers have been growing steadily. At 1000ya and 2000ya, what is known as the Medieval and Roman warming periods we can see a dip in glacier growth, which is to be expected during a warm period, and during the Little Ice Age Maximum we see a pinnacle plateauing high above all other levels prior to it, followed by a little dip that is the modern warm period. A loss of glacial ice that is so minor on the geological record yet in the mainstream media is cause to believe that all the glaciers will soon be gone. Nothing is farther from the truth. In fact, the last 1000 years in Norway have been the most glacially active in the last 8000 years.
Look up any report from UNEP on the status of glaciers today and it will tell you a dire story of the receding glaciers and as evidence, they will show you charts showing melting ice from glaciers for the last 50-100 years, but nowhere will they put that into a geological perspective by comparing it to the ebb and flow of glaciers over the last 1000 years never mind 8000 years. The global warming lie has always been framed in short time frames of just the past century which is simply not enough information to make any kind of prediction regarding the climate in the future. Did glaciers melt during the 20th century? Yes. But they melted much more during the Medieval Warm Period and during the Roman Warm Period when insolation increased and not only did they recover from those melts but they grew revealing the cyclic nature of climate.

Graph provided by the InconvenientSkeptic
A million years of temperature records reveal a cyclic pattern of every 100,000 years there is a warming period and also every 100,000 years there is a cooling cycle. These cycles are known as the Milankovitch Cycles and have been correlated to Earth's position with the sun as well with planetary positions in the solar system. And a 100 years of warming as has taken place over the 20th century constitutes no more than 0.001% on these 100,000-year cyclic time frames and as such is too insignificant to be making predictions regarding future climate. It is a typical aspect of the global warming lie to credit insignificant quantities of CO2 as driving global warming, blame humans based on a correlation over an insignificant time frame(geologically speaking) and use data from that insignificant time frame to monger fear about global warming.

As insolation decreased ice increased on glaciers resulting in sea levels dropping, as insolation increased glacial ice melted and sea levels rise. So, the fear of the global warming alarmists about rising sea levels is based on sound science, the only problem is, is that their method of prediction is highly flawed as it tended to be based on short-term data of only the past century ignoring the patterns that truly define our climate that cover hundreds of thousands of years. Here is a partial list of growing glaciers compiled by author Robert Felix who wrote the book "Not by Fire But by Ice" where he posits that previous extinction events occurred due to glacial periods and magnetic reversals.

This graph reveals that over the last 8000 years as glaciers have increased insolation has decreased and at about 1500 years ago there is the greatest drop in insolation over the entire period which occurs right before we see the most activity in glacial growth which occurred in the last 1000 years. So, out of the last thousand years there 900 years of record glacial growth followed by 100 years of minor glacial melt, minor in that it does not compare to the melt of previous warm periods. If you are going to make a prediction how much relevance would you give ten per cent of the data? The larger the perspective the better the predictive accuracy.

Glaciers are growing, Arctic ice is thicker than the multidecadal average, global mean temperatures are dropping. None of these things is being reported by the mainstream media because it does not fit their global warming narrative which is based on faulty science utilizing short-term data sets by which to make long-term predictions and hyping up insignificant numbers as being far more significant than logic permits. When viewed from a higher perspective what has been observed over the last hundred years is well within cyclical parameters and does not suggest any exacerbation by human industrialization.

The continuing decrease in insolation is in total accord with the solar minimum of present time and since the next solar cycle is predicted to be 30% quieter than the present we can assume a correlated decrease in insolation. This decrease of energy from the sun will continue to cause global mean temperatures to drop and produce even more crop losses in the years ahead. Periods such as this in the past have produced massive depopulation and while many today believe our technology will protect us, the reality is, is that our technology is incredibly fragile when compared to the forces that drive our climate.

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Compiled and written by Freddie Thornton


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