My Review for Phishing for Phools - The Economics of Manipulation and Deception [Animated]

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Did you know that some casinos have specially trained defibrillation teams to assist when players might feel a little bit 'uncomfortable' and require assistance? I didn't, but I found out about it in Akerlof and Schiller's book, Phising for Phools - The Economics of Manipulation and Deception.

This book is all about how entities and agents exploit your innate logical flaws for their own purposes - whatever they may be.

Now, this is the time to fill in with your preferred conspiracy theory. But, don't fool yourself. There's no one entity or agent (to be read as big pharma, big supplements, the food industry, the government, your friends, etc) that is up against you. It's everyone else vs. you.

So, in my view, the best way to kindof protect yourself or to minimize your gullibility is to self-educate in critical thinking, logical flaws, cognitive fallacies and human irrationality.

Please watch my animation below to understand my arguments in their entirety.

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Cristi Vlad, Self-Experimenter and Author


We'd like to think we are sophisticated in our choices and influences, but it all breaks down to very simple urges and primal needs.

I enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing this.

I've always viewed marketing and advertising as a somewhat sinister enterprise, where they use our weaknesses against us.

You bring up a good point - educating ourselves about biases and inherent flaws help us to eventually overcome or at the very least contain them.

great animation my guy well done :)

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