Double geode amethyst crystal.

in science •  4 months ago

This is my amethyst crystal. I was lucky to obtain such a nice specimen. It’s has two openings, one small and one large revealing it’s deep purple color.
Amethyst crystals are a type of quartz that has an iron impurity thus giving it’s purple color.
If you have a amethyst crystal please keep it away from a lot of sunlight because it will fade the color.

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And I learned something new today, I had no idea that that's what amethyst is, seen 'em so many times, but no idea that it's the iron that makes them that colour. Thanks for the informative post. It's a such a pretty specimen.


You are welcome. Amethyst is quite a common crystal. I gave my aunt a small cluster for Christmas one year it was just 13.00 dollars. The large geodes are quite expensive.

Beautiful specimen

Thank you for your contribution!
Good Fortune


It’s I should be thanking you. Thank you for your nice comment.

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you!!!!

Beautiful stone!


Thank you!

absolutely lovely , that is a fine piece of crystal x


Thank you winchestergirl42?