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RE: Scientific Evidence Shouldn't Dictate Your Opinion

in #science7 years ago

Boom... Oh my God, you just said everything I've wanted to say in a hundred arguments all rolled into one. This is the best post I've read on Steemit so far, and you are now my favourite. Much love to you!


I know, right? I just tried to talk to someone in he steemit chats yesterday who believes human beings are biologically more inclined to group together by race and that there is something unnatural about "interbreeding". He cited evidence that seemed pretty fallible to me but it had some scientists names on it andserved him well in makin his arguments. I wish I had this article, I was trying to express a very similar sentiment but this was written better!

Oh dear. thank you. glad I reached out to you on that level.

You see? Another one. I'd told you yesterday. They're coming.

hahaha . :-) glad you enjoy them man.

It's still hope.So much intellectual power is coming on steemit. When all this knowledge come together and jump out some day in the future, impact will be huge. Maybe sooner than we thought. Not to mention financial side.

I think sooner than later. Look at that market cap man. i think Steemit will dwarf all other social platforms soon

Exactly. But right now we all focused on financial side of steemit. Which of course is good and necessary. Only few of us can see intellectual potential and consequences of all those fresh brains.

The great thing about it is, people on steemit are naturally 'alternative', and there's so much interesting discussion going on because of that. I stayed off social media ever since it arrived because Facebook and Twitter are full of zombies and sheep, wheras on steemit I can find what resonates with me, interact with it and get rewarded at the same time. :o

I think at the end, as people keep joining, the good content will rise above the rest

Sorry I'll elaborate a little - I do get so tired of people using science as a be all and end all, it has become a form of religion and it literally is blind faith with the majority of people. They never seem to even consider that science has business interests, and people with agendas funding it. Dogma coming from the top down has never been my thing. I really appreciate your post and am going to keep the link to it for future reference. Thanks so much.

Yeap, I understand where you are coming from. They basically believe in the myth of good vs evil. the dark force vs the jedi. The "bad religion" vs the "good science". the "bad private sector" vs "the good government".

pedantic thought process.

many folks trust external media sources more than their own intuition. more of us need to learn to listen within for the sound of truth.

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