Jet Suite like Iron Man's is available to buy...

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Technology is advancing so fast and I am really enjoying by following technology achievements. Human's creativity, imagination and inspiration is limitless and many things that we have now as working products were seen before only in SF movies.

Jet Suite is one of those things. It was invented by Richard Browning and If you are rich enough, You can buy Iron Man like jet suit at Selfridges, London. Price is quite high, 445 000$ but how fast Technology is developing, I wouldn't be surprised if 20 years from now this Jet Suit becomes affordable and available mainstream. Traffic is huge problem in every big City so maybe we will have people going on their job in a Jet Suit. Today that looks like SF but who knows what will happen in the future...

This video is published by Tech Insider ( which is one of best YouTube channels for all Technology lovers. I highly recommend You to visit it if You are interested in Technology.


Wow Iron man suit nice . Thanks to good information @cicbar

love to know it. thank you for sharing

@cicbar technology always comes up with good updates. But this jet suite like iron is an amazing technology.

Still waiting for hover boards to be released....

And he is an ex navy soldier. I am agree with future it will be the most exciting and available technology

Hey neighbor, I just came back from Belgrade. I drove someone to Nikola Tesla airport. Too bad it was night and couldn't see the city too good, but looks pretty nice from the bridges Cheers!

Belgrade is very nice city and I am really sorry that you didn't have free time to hang around.

Belgrade is very nice city and I am really sorry that you didn't have free time to hang around.

Thanks for informative post

Oh my god our imagination is now turn into reality! Thats an amazing news.

Thank you for sharing.Really the technology is going in very fast.

is it really happening !
Which country made it ?
Or it is a personal invention!
That's really amazing, unbelievable!

really the technology is going in very fast. i need a iron man suit immediately lol ..

wow, its awesome.
really technology is advancing so fast.

Guess that it is nothing for me!
I am a little afraid for heigths!

Then you just hoover above the ground 😃


technology can change the world
thanks for give us this kind of news

Incredible achievements!! I agree, maybe in 20 years this technology will be more affordable and noy just that, more advanced as well.

I enjoy technology. Thanks for the YouTube link.

Није то довољно екстремно, @cicbar. Види овај Бетманов опис „спорта“ ;)

ha ha Awesome Suite!!
A good alternative to the Iron Man Armored Suit!

No too much iron man lol thats made up from hard metal

good information that's nice

If it is real then world going beyond the imagination..
Thx for the information upvote for you

Wonderful article

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