What is time? My approach to the question.

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You can't experience anything without it. It is so mundane that we don't even think about it no more. Time. What is time? In this article I'm going to try to state my experience with it in my own words. In this explanation I'm assuming that the Big Bang Theory is correct. Please remember that this is a extremely hard question and can't be answered 100% correctly. Only God knows. So enjoy my post and I'm kindly offering you to discuss with me in the comment section. (I'm looking forward to hear your opinion.)

Why is there time?

First there was one point. One point containing you and me (literally lol), everything we can see around us and much more. The so-called singularity. This is for us, humans, the origin of everything. This state was very (very very very) hot and dense. The singularity got disturbed by an unbalance between certain particles and then our known universe was born. With it the 3 dimensions we know today and time. It exploded and expanded rapidly (even today it's still expanding). I think time shouldn't be seen as a separate dimension, but rather like something that belongs to space. My reasoning is pretty simple: Time is nothing more than the side effect of the expanding universe. Or the expanding of new possibilities -> Multiverse: Every possibility represents an alternate timeline.

I think we can compare the multiverse theory to the tree of life.

You only experience one of the many possibilities. With every planck unit (Wikipedia : Unit of time in the system of natural units known) passing your experience new possibilities forming. This may seem lunatic but there could be a second you in an other universe experiencing a whole different timeline.

It's a very interesting topic and please know that I'm only a hobby philosopher and astronomer ;) Please Let me know what you think about the ideas presented! I'm looking forward to hear your opinion.

If you want more articles in this direction make sure to

and let me know what question to try to explain ;)

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Thank you for sharing this, following you

Thanks will follow you to :)

Time is ever perplexing. Some physicists give weight to the alternate universe theory, saying that alternate universes are breaking off in every moment. So why are we in this one? lol. We do know from Eisensteinian physicis that time travel is a normal part of our universe. A small change in your velocity (walking across the room) suddenly changes the 'time slice' you are in (over vast distances) by millions of years.

Another mystery of time is our ability to change our experience of it. The deepest spiritual experiences of god (or whatever) across all religious traditions describe a feeling of 'timelessness'.

So what is time? Who knows! I'll continue to explore this through both science and meditation :) Thanks for sharing!

yes i forgot to mention the relativity theory, it all make sense with it: because when you are still you experience time relative faster than when you are moving and when you could move at the speed of light you wouldn't experience time. and i believe the universe expands at the speed of light so you don't experience time because you move as fast as the universe is expanding. (very hypothetical haha)

thanks for you comment, will follow you ;)

ah time! The grandest illusion of all. Thanks for your writing. Good food for thought. keep it up!

haha yea didn't use this word. but it is an illusion as we think of it.. thanks for your comment :)

Love that tree of life picture. Where did you find that?

It is kind of crazy to think that we are just a consequence of the expanding universe (that we are all just a natural chemical process). However it really makes me question free will

here you go: https://www.evogeneao.com/learn/tree-of-life

yes it is really crazy! but this is the nice part about life that many people forget in their daily routine: the complexity and beauty of our universe and our experience in it!!