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in science •  2 months ago

This is a scan of a piece of paper given to me by an old man called Sammy.

I met Sammy in the late nineties on a trip to Spain, he lived in a small house in a remote area by the coast.

He had a horse tied up outside his house and rode it into town to do his shopping wearing a brightly coloured cowboy hat.

Sammy was an Iranian ex-playboy who had lived in Germany and retired to Spain, he had tried to set up a golf course but failed to get permission and lived on the land ever since.

He gave me the paper and declared it had the secrets of the universe!

(I hope somebody can translate this if it is important information for mankind)



Sammy also claimed to have invented the now famous 'shutter shades' made famous by Kanye West

Sammy was a charming, eccentric and kind man who I will always remember..

I wonder if his ramblings contain any vital information??

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Lol.. It sure does make sense.

He gave me the paper and declared it had the secrets of the universe!

Get a translator. Shikena


Its not the secrets of the universe its just lame fib of no chi or fibonacci golden mean shitcoin bullshit

Its just nasty kabbalistic broken nonesense and we need kathara grids krystic krystallah coins based on the square root of 2 not more old people nonense or a broken system...

Hybrid golden mean and krystic ratios will be the key

I did the math a long time ago... 1.618 is phi the metatronic reality and 1.414 is root2 the original divine blueprint and it will always keep winning

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