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Since a long time Russia and India relation very friendly, apart from the
space program. Russia giving a priority to Indian astronauts to join
Soyuz Mission in 1982 and selected former Air force Pilot Rakesh Sarma
for space travel.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in 72 th Independence Day
First manned Space Mission will be fulfiled till 2022. so planing to send three
Humans in space.and these three human will experiment the micro gravity of the
space. This three member will be selected from ISRO and IAF, a training
period of three years , this mission will placed in 4th after USA, Russia,and
This Mission have started from 2004, apparently savvy to experiment
required critical technologies , various test as space capsule recovery
experiment, crew module atmosphere re entry experiment and pad
abort test.
There have selected GSLV,MK111 lunch vehicle to efficient carrying capacity
of Gaganaayan. This vehicle will take from lunch pad ISRO.

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