Passed Intel, Samsung Opportunities Become the World's Largest Chip Maker

in science •  2 years ago

There are times when it is above and sometimes sometimes down, that is what is called the dynamics of life that is similar to the current competitive condition of SoC manufacturing business.
imageAccording to the latest business report launched by Nomura Securities, it has been revealed that Samsung will likely surpass Intel as the world's largest semiconductor maker in the future. Although Intel has been at the forefront of chipmaking for decades, for the last quarter Samsung is projected to reach $ 15 billion in semiconductor sales, compared to Intel's $ 14.4 billion.

While sales of Samsung's own Galaxy S fleet are still used as the biggest pedestal of revenue and profits in the past two or three years, it is undeniable now that it has diversified considerably so that more than half of Samsung's profits and revenues are reportedly coming from chip marketing and Other components. That's not because the Galaxy S8's market performance is no longer important to Samsung, but the expansion of the $ 18 billion chip-making factory reportedly has been announced recently which indicates Samsung's seriousness to increase its earnings through its ability to blend its SoC manufacturing.

Needless to say, the existence of Samsung's flagship Galaxy fleet will virtually benefit from this exciting development, considering everything will get the best and the best of its own memory processors and memory chips without any dependence on others. As for Intel itself, this is certainly going to be a bitter pill that for the first time must ditelannya since the first Pentium processor introduced in 1993.

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samsung is really doing good =D


Samsung is alwayys doing good exactly :)