Jack Mar Challenge to Zuckerberg

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The team did not have to be strict like Cook, but Jack Ma was not left to throw the challenge. The billionaire owner of Alibaba Group, a popular e-commerce company in China, has said to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for a few requests, how the policy makers and users are criticizing the importance of reaching a universal solution.
Jack Ma commented on Monday that social media growing in the last decade is needed to be 'repaired'. When asked about the current status of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in a Boo Forum forum in Boao town, he tried to avoid repeatedly trying to avoid. Finally, the US company gave its statement, challenge Zuckerberg thrown.
Since the release of Facebook users' information about Cambridge analytics last month, Facebook has been trading in the stock market since its inception. Angry users started the 'delete Facebook' campaign. And around the world, policy makers have expressed concern about the users of their respective countries.
But Jack Ma optimists. He said, 'The solution is the time. It's time for CEO to take matters seriously. I hope the solution will be resolved quickly. "The presence of the US Congress in front of today is about to present Zuckerberg. It is believed that he will accept all the faults and forgive him.
Jack Ma said, 'We can not destroy the organization for these problems. I think that at the time of establishment 15 years ago, they thought Facebook would be so big or there would be so much problem over time.
Jack expressed concern about possible trade-war between the United States and China.
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