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As you know, in the previous post I have made a small fictional story about a girl with Down syndrome, so that people know some complications of this condition and how it is addressed from the moment the mother is informed about the condition of the fetus in pregnancy. If you want to read the story you can enter here
I'm Nancy and I will tell you what it is like to have Down Syndrome


Source of inspiration

I searched the google images to be able to draw a person with this condition, and I got this beautiful one. So I proceeded to draw the baby my style. She really exists, I don't know about her data, but here I will leave the picture next to the link where I got it.

Link here

Step by Step

I started by making a sketch on a sheet to then be able to draw it correctly in the program that I will use, I do it this way since it is easier for me when converting the drawing to digital

After having the picture of the drawing that I made on the sheet, I will pass the picture to the computer and open the program, start by opening the sketch in the program and mainly I will make the lines of my drawing, I made them pink, but this will give same as later I will change the color in different areas, it all depends on the color that is within the lines.

The brush that I used to delineate the edges was curve with a size of the number 10, then as I was doing I modified some lines with the pressure brush, making some edges are round and round in the middle.

The next step is a continuation of the lines of the drawing, but this time the lines inside the shirt, so I have decided to create another layer for ease of coloring, the color does not matter much, I will modify it in the same way later.

From now on I start to color, I will start with the skin. I like to use the custom airbrush brush, in this way it also allows me to blur without having to use the diffusion tool, and when it is used I place it very low density, to be more specific in 4% so that I did not damage the mix of colors.


It's time for clothes, or at least what the plaid jacket is, I know the colors look weird, but this is until the moment we change the color of the lines. Look what a difference

6.png 7.png

I will begin to color the hair and part of the eyes, and to be honest, the part that I liked most about the drawing has been the hair, I used several browns to achieve the effect that you will see next.



Now I will start focusing on the face, I will make brown eyebrows, add eyelashes and some shadows to make it look cute. I will also color the mouth, using a brown and red color and modifications.

These are the colors that I used for skin and hair, they vary by density tone, and the type of technique for the aerograph


When you finish coloring the part of the eyes and the part of the mouth looks this way


I have almost finished. Remember that I mentioned about changing the color of the lines in the drawing? because here is the result, each line I place according to the area that is colored, that is if the hair is light brown, I will use a brown with more intensity to color the hair lines, and so on with all the lines reflected in the drawing.

This procedure can be done thanks to a tool used in the LineWork layer known as "color" there before applying the point on the line, you choose the color you want for your line.



Finally I have done part of the landscape, I am not very good with the funds, so I have decided to do it by placing only the colares that appear there back and blur them, this has been the final result, I hope and like it :)


  • The program I have used is called Paint tool sai

The images you just saw, are my authority, except for the first photograph, there I left the link.

Thank you very much for reading, any comments and questions you have will be well received.

Nursing student - Artist -@arisita

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Good job!! Congratulations!!

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